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Q 2^7 

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Microcosm 2007 

Page 109 

A Message From President Scrimshaw 

Dear Graduating Class of 2007, 

Congratulations on your graduation! 

At Convocation this year, I shared you the concept of composing a life, of life as a work in progress. This is the idea that 
life does not just happen to us, but that we can shape it. We can take our likes, our experiences, our dreams and even 
our mistakes and weave a rich fabric which changes constantly as we learn and experience life. We can see learning as a 
lifelong activity. Years from now, we can reach back to something we read at Simmons or a special conversation with a 
friend or a professor and still feel that influence in our lives. 

Your last year here at Simmons was my first, but already I can see what a remarkable place this is, and what remarkable 
young women you are. You are truly inspiring. I dont know whether I am prouder of you when you win a tennis 
championship, place in the hiead of the Charles regatta, or struggle mightily at basketball or volleyball and lose, but never 
lose your spirit. I see you give countless hours to public service as you learn your professional skills, I hear your voices in 
song, I discover you knitting in a friendly circle, or preparing to present a paper at a major national conference. You 
impress me in class and with your intensity as you work to change the world. You are Simmons, and Simmons has 
shaped who you are. 

I have met many of those who graduated ahead of you, and seen who you will be. You will, most of you, have careers 
you love. Some of you will change careers, even returning to Simmons to do so. You will be part of changing your 
world for the better. You will remain intense and idealistic. You will have children in your lives, either your own or those 
you influence in your professions or friend and family networks. You will learn that your Simmons network will continue 
to grow, as you keep your friends of today and discover the warm, supportive network of your sisters who have preceded 
you as graduates. 

The Class of 2007 will always be special to me, as the first class I will have the honor of seeing graduate. Allan and I 
have enjoyed getting to know you during this year and look forward to seeing you over the years as we meet with 

We wish you joy and much success in your future, as you continue in the composition of your lives. 


warm regan 


Susan C. Scrimshaw, Ph.D. 



The President's Message 

The New President on Campus 

President Susan Scrimshaw's letters and picture has appeared in The Boston Globe 
multiple times since her arrival at Simmons College. Opinion editorials and feature 
articles have given her the chance to talk about the issues most import to the Simmons 
community, from reaching out to being a women's college in the 21st century (below). 

rhc ilioston ^^lolic H 

New leadt: 

;ninn»n-< ■should 

The President's Brunch 

Students and their families had the oppurtunity to become 
better acquainted with President Scrimshaw at Family 
Weekend's President's Brunch when she and her husband 
Allan Stern introduced themselves (above, right and 

President Scrimshaw and the Simmons 
Community Outreach (SCO) groups 
president, senior Alexis Felder, smile for 
the camera mid-discussion (above). 

Senior-Faculty Toast 

President Scrimshaw toasted the faculty and the graduating class of 2007 at the traditional 
Senior-Faculty Toast in early October (above). 


The New President on Campus I 


Below: President Beatley posed with trowel and Student 
Government President Roberta Shuette (Class of '51) 
during the dedication of Arnold Hall. (1951) 

Above: President Jean Dowdall planting seeds with student volunteers at the 
Farragut Elementary School, Roxbury, as part of a community outreach project 

Below: President William Park and two students viewing art work during the 
Arts Festival, (circa 1958) 

*AII photographs and text from Simmons College Archives* 

John Simmons 

Founder 1899 

Henry Lefavour 

1901 - 1933 

Bancroft Beatley 


William Edgar Park 



Presidential History 


Right: President Holmes speaking with students 
(photo by Bradford hHerzog, 1970) 

Below: President Cheever with students (2004) 

Below, Right: President LeFavour and Jessie 
Moore '08. (1908) 

William J. Holmes, Jr. Jean A. Dowdall 

1970 - 1993 1993 - 1995 

Daniel Cheever 

1995 - 2006 

Susan C. Scrimshaw 

2006 - Present 


Presidential History 



1 r if 

^^^■oS^niV',. '*». 'j~ 




Around Boston 


oat wmtn »Ho mmA 



^J J 


Page 28 

Page 30 


Sam Furbush '09 
ASB '06 Alum 

"As d member of the 06 team, I am so proud 

of MJ and Alyssa for all of tfieir endless hard 

work they put into this trip. This is now the 

first student run ASB trip that Simmons has 

ever had and it is was a sreat success. 


Alternative Spring Break 

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a collaborative project with Habitat for hlumanity. In 2007, the members of the team traveled to Salem County, 
New Jersey to help construct a home for an underprivileged family. With almost 20 girls traveling for this cause, and only a few returning students, 
the group was sure to be unique. The team would like to recognize Alyssa Noble and MJ Craig for all their hard work and dedication as the first 
students to ever fully lead this trip. 

The Pre-Med Club 

The Simmons Chapter of the 
American Medical Student 
Association has many pre-med 
members with majors such as 
chemistry, biology, and 
psychobiology, or a combination of 
our many science majors. 

What Students 
Do Out of Class 


Shown in picture, from left to right: 
-Mary Winslow, Treasurer 
-Kaitlin Maguire, Secretary 
-Ashley Keville, Co-President 
-Elizabeth Alessi, SAARB Rep. 

Psychology Liaison 

Additional Members: Caitlin Novero, 
Co-President; Abegail Moore, SGA 
representative; Prof. Barbara Gentile, 
Liaison Supervisor 


Students Out ot Class 




■jg^'pXp ^ 

M 1 '^"^ .^^^^PV^^^BS^^ 

HHBKt ^ '^ -^ 

/ ^r JKsP^^ vFmT** 


/ I " >tXZ^ 

) ,,^^m 

N ffll \ ' XlTT 

1 HaH^B 

wrlk^^ 1 1 iJ 


sj ^^^^^BJ^uqI^^^B 



Success Connection 

The Success Connection is a project that enables senior to be 
matched with an alumna who can mentor the graduating student to 
discover what she truly wants to do. 

Success Connection mentors are members of the Simmons Leadership 
Council (SLC), which was formed in the early 1990s in part to help 
advance career and professional development of Simmons students. 
Success Connection mentors include leaders in a variety of professions 
such as finance, entertainment, publishing, consulting services, non- 
profit, marketing, law, and the arts. Selected students traveled primarily 
in the Northeast to meet their mentors one-on-one. 
Success Connection students immersed themselved for a day in a 
leader-driven work environment complete with meetings and events, 
strategic thinking, and business lunches. The Success Connection 
offered valuable insights into professional leadership qualities and skills 
before students graduated. 

Student-mentor matches were based primarily on the leadership 
experience a mentor could offer and the career interests of the student. 

Kristen Margeson 
Economics, Mathematics 

Through Success Connection I was afforded the opportunity 

to meet and shadow Joyce Elden, a lawyer in West Palm 

Beach, Florida. I was fascinated to learn the realities of being 

a lawyer, particularly how much those realities can differ based 

on the kind of law one chooses to practice." 

Photosraph wds taken at Kristen's internship site: KLD Research and Analytics 

What Students 
Do Out of Class 

Mole Day 


Mole Madness 

Mole Day is a nationally recognized holiday 
taken to the extreme by the Simmons 
College Chemistry department in 
conjunction with the Chemistry Liaison and 
many majors and minors. Celebrated 
annually on October 23 from 6:02 a.m. to 
6:02 p.m., Mole Day commemorates 
Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23), 
which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry. 

Mole Day was created as a way to 

foster interest in chemistry. Schools 

throughout the United States and 

around the world celebrate Mole 

Day with various activities related to 

chemistry and/or moles. At 

Simmons Mole Day consisted of 

Mole shirts, costumes, and even a 

little house was constructed for the 

mole-tastic mascot. Mole cookies, 

stuffed moles, and mini periodic 

tables of elements were distributed to students and professors. Mole 

Day in 2006 was a great way for 
everyone to enjoy Chemistry. 

It is safe to say that when it 
came to celebrating the 
Chemist's hHoliday at Simmons, 
they broke the mole. 


What Students Do Out of Class 

Student Art and Writing 

Something Happily Flickers 

After all of the confusion 

You sit there 

Chewing on a coffee stirrer 


Staring into space 

As if you don't even care 

Your foot taps 

Your fingers run across the table-top 

And I wonder 

Who you are 

I wouldn't be surprised 

If last night you were at 

Some smoky poker table 

In an unfamiliar country 

Downing wine and throwing laughing glances into the air, 

Shadows stretching across 

Your hand of outworn cards 

Stopping right below your eyes 

Or maybe you were up on a stage 

Throwing notes out from a 

Tense throat 

In a place full of wild whispers 

hianding out explosions 

From the insanity which lies 

Within your habitually tight-packed chest 

I see your face now 




And I don't understand 

hlow you can be so 

Passionately distracted, 

So absolutely still. 

What is it that I see reflected 

In yellow light against a pitch black glass? 

Within a mess, something happily flickers. 

My Existence 

By Caroline hHunter 

Above Right and Left: Art projects from Simmons classrooms, Below: violinists rehearsin 

Below: Photography class projects 


Student 7\rt and Writing 

Above: Samantha FurbusH, Below; Printmaking class project. 

no victim 

He didnt take anything 

from me that I 

didnt freely 


And I am no victim 

I volunteered. 

I came 

I saw 

I conquered 

I crashed the party 

creamed the competition 

and came away 

with everything. 

Through my awareness, I have 

earned back my integrity. 

My life. My decisions. 

No regrets. 

No way. 


your words linger 
on my skin 
. like 


in the light breeze 

my frail frame 


beneath their weight 

i sense you 

are unaware 

of how tangled 

i feel 

wrapped up in 

what you think 

of me 

Both poems by Katelyn Ramaci 

Below: textile bag of silk, bookmaking project, drawing by Deborah Melton of Rebecca Macijeski, Above: Fall Student Art Show 

■ ^"^.^ .c 

: yl :'^ ■ 
i - ■ ^ 

^, "^ 




-^.<— """ 

/■ ■, 


; " ^/m. 




Student Art and Writing 

The Little Dream 

I had a dream about a little man last night. 

Little, because he had big thoughts, big dreams, and big feelings for what he 

wanted to do; all contained in a little body. 

I avoided that little man. I could sense he was dangerous. I knew that in his 
big thoughts, big dreams, and big feelings that we would want to kill me. 
Because I was differnt from him, because I didn't take him seriously. He 
wore military fatigues. I didn't believe him. 

I was at a carnival, and he was in the sideshow. I couldn't understand him; 
he didn't speak my language. He just stood at the microphone and yelled 
out words in his tounge. There was a little translator that stood on the 
outside of the booth, shouting out the English of his words. The little man 
gesticulated about how bad his life was and how bad it will be for the rest of 
us, five seconds before I could understand. 

People stopped and stared. We formed a crowd, but I didn't want to stick 
around. He had a little button on the platform, one that he wanted to 
press. Every time his stubby finger got close to it, I shrank back into the 
crowd. No one else knew what I knew, but they did know that something 
was wrong. The crowd stepped back from the little man's booth. We 
encircled it with empty space, afraid to get any closer. He grew angry and a 
man whispered in his ear. The little man calmed down. 

I watched as his finger hovered over the button. I could feel my heart 
pounding at the thought of what would happen when he pressed the 

He continued to speak about what he would do to save us all. Save us a 
from ourselves and our government. He would protect us, this man with 
the crazy hair and oversized glasses. I turned my head and laughted. He 
looked at me. The little man was angry again. I wasn't taking him seriously 
Either move along or listen. His finger hovered. I froze. 

He pushed the button. 

By Deborah Melton 

Alt IJL 

.ii? ^ n 

,-^ an 

5l M U f] 

A. A 






-fM JL 














Above: Chinese calligraphy. Below: Student Art Show 

12 ; 

Above: Bookmaking class project, Right: Drawing class projects 

Student Art and Writing 

Art and 

Above: Textiles by Alyson Heimer, Photograghs in Student Art Show, 
Below: Festival of Lights display. 

Below: Samantha Furbush, Left and Right Far Below and Above: Fall Student Show 


my grandmother 

set in stone 

her German talk 

carved into her pursed lips 

like impossible hieroglyphics 

I know I will touch 

those dried rose petals 

as she leaves 

on her way out 

her Nazi frown 

closed eyes still bitter 

shut by the stubbornness 

locked by the pain 

of leaving her country 

as a pregnant teenager 

soon to be married 

to an American soldier 

about to be sold to a foreign language 

tarnished by sarcastic 

foolish proverbs 

"if you have nothing 

good to say 

say nothing at all" 

and she kows that this is foolishness 

it is breaking her stoicism 

this face 

wrinkles pile up and 

trace them with my finger 

from a distance 

my finger hovering 

an inch from her face 

as she dies 


Student Art and Writing 


At Simmons there is a tradition of faculty-student 
cooperation and success. The faculty is well 
known for being open, friendly, and encouraging. 
Whether it is through group discussion at liaison 
meetings, personal explanation of staff works on 
display in the Trustman Gallery, department 
dinners and outings or simply one-on-one meetings 
for help with a class, support in academic decisions 
or general advice, the faculty at Simmons College 
devotes time and energy into their students in a 
unique way not common at many universities. 


What Faculty Are Up To 


^.^■■:.. ^ 

: h *' 


Inspirational Faculty Members 

, _ lA. 

The professors at Simmons College are weird and wacky but also amzingly helpful and caring. The following examples of out of the ordinary and 
wonderful things professors have done for members of the Simmons Community have been submitted by Class of 2007 members: 

O After rough commutes on a particularly nasty winter day, Professor 
Sid Berger took his communications students for coffee and hot 
chocolate at Meyer's Cafe to restart their day with a smile. 

O Professor Don Basch not only ripped up a dollar bill to prove a 
point (dead weight loss from tariffs), but he also took the time to 
send out his student's resumes to his colleagues for senior 

O In Management's Senior Seminar Professor Gupta pushed women 
to compile all portions of their education from the previous 3 
years, but it was still fun, and he rewarded their hardwork with 
dinner out at the end of the semester. 

O Professor Connie Chow has the reputation of being the most 
challenging professor in the entire college when teaching Biology. 
In her Honors hHIV/AIDS class, she provided students with not 
only solid information and passion for the subject, but she took 
them for dinner at Brown Sugar for an informal discussion. 

O Professor Aoki achieved tenure in 2005 and he commemorated 
the moment with his Political Economy class by sharing Japanese 
celebratory customs with them. Kampai Masato! 

Professor Turner has inspired many Simmons students to combine 
their education, nursing, and even communications degrees with 

*Pictures taken from the Simmons Collese website. 

O Professor Linda Liu gets so animated about her topics that you can't help 
but enjoy her Operations and Technology class. 

O Ed Viera's advetising class projects were not simply radio, print and TV 
exercises, he found a real client for the students to work for. 

O In Commedia, Bob White celebrates everyone's birthday; for Cady 
Shay's he told her to wish for no class on the following Friday, and he 
granted it. 

O Joyce Cohen and her entourage encountered the "Naked Cowboy" in 
Times Square when she took her class to NYC to check out some art 
exhibits. She told him that since he was actually wearing tightie-whities 
that his naked cowboy sign was in fact, "false advertising." 

® In English 111: Greek Mythology, Professor Wollman frequently used 
great phrases to show his excitement in the course work such as, the now 
infamous, "hHoly Alliteration Batman!" 

** Many French majors' favorite professor was Eduardo Febles because he 
"embodied the best things a French teacher could ever be." To them, 
these were not only his one on oner interations with students and his 
dedication to langauge and learning but also his openess and kidness for 
struggling students. Merci beaucoup! 

The Class of 2007 would like to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. 
Your hardwork, commitment, concern and dedication has not gone unnoticed. 
We d\e grateful for your time and energy and we all hope to be considered 
close colleagues and friends upon graduation. 


Inspirational Faculty 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Dean: Diane Raymond 

Associate Dean: Cathryn Mercier, 

Communications Coordinator: Mellisa 

Kelly, Budget Manager & Asst. to 

Dean: Roslyn Taylor, Administrative 

Assistant: Colleen Ammerman 

Student Life 

Dean: Sheila Murphy 

Associate Dean: Sarah Neil 

Assistant Dean: Perri Shapiro Gordon 

Assistant Dean: Lisa Smith-McQueenie 

Administrative Assistant: Joanna Conroy 

Administrative Assistant: Valerie Foster 


Registrar: Donna Dolan 

Associate Registrar: Sadie Hannula 

Assistant Registrar: Sharon Noonan 

Assistant Registrar: Brenna Strassner 

Information Specialist: Anna Cottrell 

Administrative Assistant: Sharon Roberts 

The Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences/ the Office of the Dean of Student Life, and the Office of the 
Registrar are the backbone of the Simnnons College experience. These dedicated professionals help to make the college 
experience as smooth as possible for the Women of Simmons. The faculty help us to know when we can graduate and to 
figure out what we will do once we graduate. Their guidance and teaching inspires students to achieve their goals and to 
find out what their dreams may become. Without the organization and support of these offices and departments, Simmons 
would not be the thriving, driven, academic environment and community that it is today. 


CAS 8c Registrar 





Theresa Perry, Elizabeth Amelia 
hHadley, Dawna Thomas, Janie 
Ward (Chair) 

Art and Music 

Margaret Hanni (Chair), Edie 
Bresler, Colleen Kiely, Bridget 
Lynch, Robert Oppenheim, 
Barbara O'Brien, Joyce Cohen, 
Wendy Seller, Vaughn Sills, 
Gregory Slowik 


Mary Owen (Chair), Vladimir 
Douhovnikoff, Victoria Galloway, 
Anne Goodwin, D. Bruce Gray, 
Randi Lite, Jane Lopilato, Tracy 
Machcinski, Elizabeth Scott, Jyl 
Richards, Arthur Skura 


(L-R) Michael Berger, Nancy Lee, 
Virginia Brown, Patrick Gordon, 
Michael D. Kaplan, Changqing 
Chen, Nora Friel, Jennifer A. 
Roecklein-Canfield, Richard 
Gurney, Joanne Saro, Leonard J. 
Soltzberg (Chair) 


Academic Departments 



James Corcoran (Chair), Joan 

Abrams, Judith Aronson, Sidney 

Berger, Lynda Beltz, Sarah Burrows, 

Dan Connell, Kerrin Dowling, 

Marlene G. Fine, Ellen Grabiner, 

Reginald Jackson, Briana Martino, 

Alissa Miller, Alden Poole, Vonda 

Powell, Judith Richland, Edward 

Vieira, Bob White, Alison 

Whitehead, Alden Wood 

Computer Science & 
Information Technology 

Bruce Tis (Chair), Israel Bonan, 

Ellen Grabiner, Margaret S. 

Menzin, Sue Stafford, Laurie L. 

Vadeboncoeur, Nanette Veilleux 


Barbara Sawtelle (Chair), Masato 

Aoki, Donald Basch, Carole 

Biewener, Niloufer Sohrabji 

Education / Special Education 

Lynda Johnson (Education Chair), Elizabeth 

Fleming (Special Education Chair), Paul 

Abraham, Joy Bettencourt, Allan Blume, Alexis 

Boryczka, Marie Brown, Janet Chumley, 

Kathleen Dunn, Maryellen Cunnion, Ellen May 

Davidson, Anne Dvorsky, Rachel Finer, Suzanne 

Foley, Nathan Gaul, Daren Graves, FHelen 

Guttentag, Stephanie FHamel, Joseph 

FHemmings, Lynda Johnson, Roberta Kelly, 

Suzanne Kowalewski, Katheryn Manyak 

Suzanne Mullarkey, Gary Oakes, Theresa Perry, 

Kathleen Rielly, Al Rocci, Thomas Rooney, 

Renee Rubin, Jill Taylor, Gretchen Thomson, 

Christine Tierney, Judith Ullman, James Walsh, 

Janie Ward, Jane Wilmot 

18 - 


Academic Departments 


Lowry Pei (Chair), Renee Bergland, 
Susan Bloom, Pamela Bromberg, 
Sheldon George, David Gullette, 
Kelly hHager, Jaqueline Home, 
Suzanne Leonard, Cathryn Mercier, 
J. Douglas Perry, Afaa Michael 
Weaver, Richard Wollman 


Laurie Crumpacker (Chair), Trevor 
Coates, Kate Larson, Sarah Leonard, 
Zhigang Liu, Stephen Ortega, Laura 


Stephen Senge (Chair), Bonita L. 
Betters-Reed, Patricia Clarke, hlugh 
Colaco, Patricia Deyton, Indra 
Guertler, Vipin Gupta, Linda 
Boardman Liu, Lynda L. Moore, 
Mindell Nitkin, Susan D. Sampson, 
Bruce Warren 


David S. Browder (Chair), Donna L. 
Beers, Michael L. Brown, Robert 
Goldman, Margaret S. Menzin, 
David Novak 



Academic Departments 


Modern Languages & 

(L-R) Eduardo Febles, Marta 

Villar, Florence Ciret-Strecker, 

Dolores Pelaez-Benitez (Chair), 

Raquel Halty, Louise Cohen, 

Walter Shaw, Alister Inglis, Tulio 

Campos, Zhigang Liu 


Judy Beal (Chair), Anne-Marie 

Barron, Charlene Berube, Terry 

Mahan Buttaro, Colette Dieujuste, 

Rebecca Donohue, Susan Duty, 

Priscilla Gazarian, Jocelyn Loftus, 

Eileen M. McGee, Susan Neary, 

Angela Patterson, Janet Sweeney 

Rico, Patricia Rissmiller, Karen 

Harvey Teeley, Sarah K. 

Volkman, Patricia White 


Nancie Han/ey hierbold (Chair), 

Teresa T. Fung, Sari Edelstein, 

Patrick Healy, Elizabeth 

Metallinos-Katsaras, Yeemay Su, 

Janet Washington 


Wanda Torres Gregory (Chair), 
Shirong Luo, Lee Mclntyre, Diane 
Raymond, Sue Stafford, Jo Trigilio 



Academic Departments 

Physical Therapy 

Anne-Marie Dupre (Chair), Donna 
Behr, Sarah Bolus, Lisa Doyle, Joan 
Drevins, Mark Dynan, Lynn Foord-May, 
Shelley Goodgold, Diane U. Jette, 
Stephanie Johnson, Sheri Kiami/ 
Claudia Levensen, Robin Ryan 
Marquez, Jackie Mulgrew, Jaime Paz, 
Joanne Rivard, Nancy Roberge, Clare 
Safran-Norton, Kathleen Shillue, Toni 
Tasker, Lynne Wiesel, Jonathan 
Wisco, Linda Wobeskya 


Velda Goldberg (Chair), Patrick 
Johnson, Michael D. Kaplan, 
Joseph Genevich, Joanne Saro 

PoHtical Science and 
International Relations 

Cheryl B. Welch (Chair), 
Zachary Abuza, Kirk James 
Beattie, Walter C. Carrington, 
Leanne Doherty, Catherine 
Paden, Ausra Park, Stephen Bird, 
Dan Connell, Adam Silver 


Barbara Gentile (Chair), Melinda 
Bravo Crowley, Gregory Feldman, 
Rachel Galli, John Reeder, 
Geoffrey Turner, Ellen Wright 


Academic Departments 



Jyoti Puri (Chair), Ellen Borges, 

Anna Sandoval Giron, Valerie 

Leiter, Stephen London, Becky 


Women's Studies 

Jill McLean Taylor (Chair), 

Carole Biewener, Pam Bromberg, 

Elizabeth Amelia hiadley, Diane 

Hammer, Laura Prieto, Jyoti Puri, 

Diane Raymond, Dawna Thomas, 

Mary Jane Treacy, Jo Trigilio 

From Convocation to Commencement, Registration to Letters of Recommendation, the faculty are an essential part of the 
experience of every Simmons woman. 

Inside and out of the classroom, they teach, inspire, guide, challenge, and motivate us; they share in the joys of our 
successes and help us learn from our failures. 

We would like to thank all the faculty for everything they have done for us during our time here; they've made an impact 
on us that we will continue to inspire and mold us for years to come. 

CAS New Faculty Members: 2006-2007 Faculty Members on Sabbatical: 2006-2007 

Tulio Campos (Spanish), Gregory Feldman 
(Psychology), Jackie hlorne (English), Daren Graves 
(General Education), Suzanne Leonard (english), 
Bridget Lynch (Art and Music), Shirong Luo 
(Philosophy), Barbara O'Brien (Art and Music), 
Stephen Ortega (hiistory), Catherine Paden 
(Political Science), Ausra Park (Political Science and 
International Relations), Walter Shaw (Modern 
Languages and Literature) Thomas Rooney (General 

Zachary Abuza 
Donna Beers 
Renee Bergland 
James Corcoran 
Stephen London 
Robert Oppenheim 
Geoffrey Turner 
Nanette Veilleux 
Richard Wollman 

Political Science/IR 





Art and Music 


Computer Science 


AY 2006-07 
Fall 2006 
AY 2006-07 
Spring 2007 
Spring 2007 
AY 2006-07 
Spring 2007 
Fall 2006 
Spring 2007 

7^ Academics 


Academic Departments 


Faculty and Statt 



Around the World: 

Photographs were taken in the 

following countries: Kenya, India/ 

Vietnam, Switzerland, England, 

and the Study Abroad Ofiice at 


Christine Swayne, 

"I can't imagine who I would be 

had I not gone abroad. It wasn't an 

escape from college, it was a 

learning experience and it allowed 

me to appreciate every-thing 

Simmons has to offer." 

Countries Where Class of 2007 Students Travelled 
Abroad: From A to Z 

Argentina, Australia, Austria, The Bahamas, Belize, Benin, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Canary 

Islands, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, 

Guatemala, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Mexico, 

Monaco, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, 

Senegal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, 

Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Wales, Zimbabwe and maybe morel 



Study Abroad 

Vv oriel View; Photographs were taken in the followins countries: 
Tanzania, Costa Rica, France, Monaco, and Cambodia. 

Studying abroad is not just attending school at a different university, or 
studying with new people who don't go to Simmons. For many students the 
opportunity to study abroad provides them with experiences that they will 
cherish for a lifetime. From the arid depths of the African game parks to the 
steps of La Sorbonne in Paris to the fashion boutiques of FHoi An in Vietnam, 
Simmons students have become well travelled women. Their stories of other 
cultures, different ways of life and first-hand knowledge of the world has 
created even better educational experiences for everyone in the classroom 
when they return to Simmons. 


Study Abroad 



The Multidisciplinary Core Course (MCC) is a first year all-College requirement that involves 

two central, mutually reinforcing goals: to teach critical thinking and writing and to address the 

challenges and opportunities of living in a multiracial and multicultural society. It focuses on the 

development of student papers, from first drafts through revisions and final drafts. Writing is 

based on personal experience as well as analysis of texts from a variety of disciplines. This 

course is taught by members of various departments and includes honors sections. Some 

sections include a service-learning component. MCC 102 is a continuation of MCC 101, with 

particular attention to contemporary methods of research and writing of academic papers. 

There are over twenty sections offered during both semesters, each integrating critical issues of 

race, class and gender within a specific context. A brief look at some of the titles of the course 

offerings provides a sense of the richness of the choices for students; Questions of Social 

Justice, Got Religion? Faith and Doubt in American Culture, From Borders to Barrios: 

Growing Up Latino, Achievement Gap or Resource Gap? Does anyone have a bridge to sell 

us?. Race, Gender and the Media, and The Myths We Live Within: Discovering the Truth 

About Who We Are. 

MCC certainly is one of the highlights of the Simmons academic experience! 

Dorothy Manley ' 1 

"Reading and discussing literature with a small 

class has made me better understand the 

material, and to see it from different 

viewpoints. MCC is a good transitional class 

from high school to college because the 

writing is an outlet to express ourselves and 

the reading gives us something to discuss with 

others who are not in your major but are in 

your year. 


Susan Chudd 
FYE Staff Facilitator 

"As a First-Year Experience Staff facilitator, it's 

amazing to be a part of helping the students 

navigate their way through their first few 

weeks at Simmons, and even keeping in 

touch with some students in their later years." 

The First-Year Experience Class (FYE) class meets one day a week for 
eight weeks during the first semester. The class is divided into two 
categories. One division covers issues specific to the commuters, and the 
other discusses the residential experience. Study tips, financial planning, 
and aspects of diversity at Simmons are among the topics discussed during 
class time. Each class is directed by one staff leader who collaborates with 
a student facillitator to open the doors to all that this wonderful womens' 
institution offers. 



MCC and FYE 


x"iiii^v / 


As the first-year students entered the Simmons campus for the first time, they 
quickly discovered what was like to be Simmons women. More than just a 
simple "get to know you" event, orientation included tours around Boston, 
movies, a seminar on diversity entitled, "Faces", as well as games and other 
fun activities. With orientation leaders guiding the process, students were 
able to meet each other and settle in early before beginning their fall 
semester. Many seniors have fond memories of their first orientation 
programs at Simmons where they started "Writing Their Own Script. 




On September 13, 2006, the students 
of Class of 2007 made tfieir first 
appearance as seniors, sporting a cap 
and gown in front of professors, staff, 
and other honorable members of the 
Simmons Community. 

Honors Convocation 

For the six hundred in attendence, each individual was excited for the beginning of the new year- 
especially the seniors who were seated patiently, prepared for the Honors Convocation and the start of 
their final year. Through reflections and memories, including one that honored John Simmons, founder of 
Simmons College, all in attendence gained a new respect for professional women in various fields. All 
of the guests left the event with an open mind to inspiration and spontaneity, thanks to Dr. Susan 
Scrimshaw and other members of the Simmons community who contributed to the Convocation. 

Honors Convocation 

The Honors Program 

Alex Rowen 

"The Honors Program allows students to have a 

community within a community at Simmons 

College. The strength of the friendships made 

in the hlonors Program comes from working 

together in a cross-major setting. 

The hlonors Program at Simmons fosters a motivated group of students who explore the 
complexity of today's world and their place in it. This challenging academic program is 
designed to enhance the undergraduate experience of students in all departmental disciplines. 
Its goal is to encourage depth in the department of choice as well as to enhance this 
knowledge through interdisciplinary studies and global awareness. 

The Honors Program includes an enriched curriculum that is offered in small seminars, team- 
taught courses, study abroad opportunities, research projects, and internships. In addition, the 
Honors Program provides co-curricular activities both at the College and in the Boston area. 
Faculty take their classes as well as small groups of Honors students to the theater, film festivals, 
museums, and lectures throughout the year. 

W^t*' _^hM^ ^1 

"The h 



Emily Norton 

Honors Program provides me with 

nal academic and career guidance 

vill help enable me to achieve my 

future goals." 


Academy is the honor society of Simmons College. Senior students who have 
demonstrated superior achievement according to the rules of the faculty and who have not 
been found guilty of violating the Honor Code of Responsibility may qualify for admission 
after completing at least 48 semester hours of Simmons credit using the letter grade system. 
Students are considered for Academy at three times during their senior year. Usually, as a 
result of this process, the number of students admitted into Academy equals about 10 
percent of the senior class by the end of the academic year. This is the top ten percent of 
each Simmons graduating class, close to testing their knowledge and skills in the world 
outside of Simmons. 


Academy and the Honors Porgram 

29 ' 

*VJ3H^ Academics 

Academic Candids 

Technology at Simmons 

Career Education Center 

Academic Support Center 

The Nursing 

The Most Common 

Academics * -^ 

School Services 


Jacqui Lantagne 

Arts Administration 

"I have found that virtually every Simmons alum 

has a memory of the srand staircase in the 
MCB. Whether you remember using them to 
get to your first class or have tripped up/down 
them, it's the MCB's most distinctive features." 

The MCB 






t "'-' 

*' \-* s ^' c . v;.' f '.^ 

V He : 




The MCB 


The Sharks, who finished the season 
8-12 overall and 4-4 in conference 
play, overcame a tough start to the 
season, going 8-4 down the stretch to 
earn the sixth seed for the conference 
tournament. Simmons upset third- 
seeded hlusson, 2-1, in the 
quarterfinals before falling to second- 
seeded Western New England 
College, 2-1, in the semifinals. First- 
years Emily Sypher and Liz Rosenberg 
were named to the all-tournament 
squad for their strong play in both 
games. Sypher scored a goal in each 
game, while Rosenberg led a defense 
that held opponents to 1.0 goals per 
game in the tournament. 

Text by: Sean Tainsh Photographs by: Traverse Robinette 

Field Hockey 

Amanda Bowes 



Caitlin Murphy 



Kayla Mills 



Natasha Cote 



Emily Webb 



Katie James 



Sarah Bertin 



Kim Lindsey 



Elizabeth Henniga 

n 8 


Cammy Keiler 



Liz Rosenberg 



Katie Bonney 



Kristin Perkins 



Maggie Weeks 



Jen Szkoltz 



Emily Sypher 



Jill McCarthy 



Becky Slatkin 






Joy Ramsbotham hiead Coach 

Breton Kosciak Assistant Coach 

Lauren hHili Goalkeeper Coach 

Tayna Rego Graduate Assistant 

The Simmons College field hockey team advanced to the 
North Atlantic Conference tournament semifinals for the 
second straight season in 2006. In addition, the Sharks placed 
four players on the all-conference squad, including first-year 
forward Kristin Perkins, who earned NAC rookie of the year 

Perkins, the conference's rookie of the year, finished among 
league leaders with seven goals in her initial campaign. She was 
twice named the league's rookie of the week and was also a 
second-team all-conference selection. Sophomore Elizabeth 
hiennigan, who led the team with 17 points on six goals and 
five assists, earned first-team all-conference honors after 
garnering second-team accolades a year ago. Senior forward 
Natasha Cote was a second-team choice after tallying goals in 
each of her last four regular-season games. Senior forward Kim 
Lindsey was selected as an honorable mention after scoring four 
goals despite missing four games due to injury. 


Field Hockey 

Text by: Sean Tainsh Photographs by: Traverse Robinette 

The Soccer Team, which finished the season 5-12-1 overall and 4-5 in 
Great Northeast Athletic Conference play, overcame a tough start to the 
season and rallied late to earn the seventh seed for the conference 
tournament. The Sharks then upset second-seeded Emmanuel, 2-1, in the 
quarterfinals and knocked off third-seeded St. Joseph (Conn.) in a 
penalty kick shootout to advance to the conference championship for the 
second time in three years. The Sharks run ended there as they fell to 
Western New England College in the finals, 4-0. Senior forward Nicole 
Zielinski was named to the Great Northeast Athletic Conference 
womens soccer first-team all-conference squad for the fourth consecutive 
season, as determined in a vote by the leagues head coaches. 

The program's all-time leading scorer with 57 career goals and 34 assists, 
Zielinski led the Sharks with 22 points on 8 goals and six assists this 
season. She was also named to the conference's all-tournament squad 
along with teammates Tina Aldrich and Andrea Caldwell. 


Katie Taglieri 



Katelyn Cassidy 


Laura Doran 



Kim Mclver 



Sarah Daniel 



Liz Leonard 



Maddie Galo 



Jill Toomey 



hiannah Kimball 




Nicole Zielinski 




Andrea Caldwell 



Soraya Womack 



Diana Salvatore 



Tina Aldrich 




Sarah Danforth 



Justine Veloza 



Emily DiNuovo 



Jackie Richards 



Rachel Elliott 



Jenn Kmietek 



Annie hlughes 



Britt Emerson 



Erica Mastrogiacomo hiead Coach 
Caitlin Schimmel Assistant Coach 

Kathryn Fucarile Assistant Coach 



The Simmons College tennis team 

dominated the Great Northeast 

Athletic Conference with its third 

straight GNAC championship. 


Jordan Borash 


Kendra Currier 


Sari Guttin 


Lauren Faber 


Elizabeth hHannigan 


Dominika hludcova 


Stacey Kohan 


Vanita Kontrakul 


Allison Kukia 



Dorothy Manley 


Alex Yudelevich 



Bob Rauseo hiead Coach 

Victoria Scavo Assitant Coach 

Freshman Dominika Hudcova 

earned GNAC Rookie of the 

Year honors. Junior Kendra 

Currier earned all-league 

rcognition at second singles. 

Seniors Sari Guttin and Vanita 

Kontrakul earned accolades at 

third and fourth singles, 

respectively. Jordan Borash and 

Liz Hannigan earned honors for 

their doubles play. Bob Rauseo 

led his team to big wins in each 

of his first two seasons as coach, 

and was chosen as the GNAC 

coach of the year for the second 

consecutive season. 

The Volleyball team had an agsressive 
2006 season achieving the 8th seat in 
the conference. The Sharks had an 
overall record of 8 wins, 15 losses and 
within the GNAC conference, a final 
record of 4 win, 7 losses. This hard- 
working team was led with distinction 
by seniors Cheic Pool and Jamie Rear 
and junior Alice Liao. 


Text by Mari,ssa Rousselle, Junior 

Jessica hHambleton 



Chel'c Pool 



Candyce Arena 



Marissa Rousselle 



Katie Cunningham 



Alice Liao 



Kady Shea 



Jamie Rear 



David Wong hiead Coach 

David Wingshee Assitant Coach 

We had a great season packed with fun and laughs both on and off the court. The sweat lost in pre-season brought us all together and made us a team in 
every sense of the word. Our passion for eating led us to many restaurants to celebrate both nothing and birthdays alike as a group. Dancing on the bus 
during road trips was always led by Candyce and Jessobviously the freshmen. Our triple threat at the net this season (Jess, Alice, and myself) developed 
into a play-fake. Berlin, as we called ourselves, scared opposing teams into a heavy sweat. Hilarious times included: Jess riding my bike like a fool, the head 
coach calling Candyce out for liking candy a little too much, Alice constantly posing as Mulan, Jamie instructing us on how to do the proper long jump, 
and of course, Alice falling on her behind while back-peddling during warm-ups. Every season we have a lot of fun; but 2006 broke barriers and brought us 
to a whole new level of team unity and friendship. 

CheIc was a resounding force on the team during her four years as team captain. Her determination, strength, and individual skills aided her team in 
achieving three consecutive playoff invitations and her passion for the sport is an obvious sign of her Texan roots. Chelcs motivation will stay with the 
team even after she graduates. Jamie, with her abnormal range of arm motion, was a powerhouse on attack. Joining the Sharks in her sophomore year, 
she quickly became a threat. This hazelnut princess came all the way to Boston from Oregon, and she will be greatly missed. 

Sports r«. 



The Simmons College basketball 

team, which finished 9-15 overall this 

season and 4-7 in conference play, 

made its fifth GNAC tournament 

appearance in the last seven seasons. 

The Sharks fell to Non*vich in the 

quarterfinals, 54-37. 


Cassie Saikin 
Aubree Giarrosso 
Julia King 
Tina Aldrich 
Jamie Liberty 
Karina Gorski 
Shavel Loungs 
Kelly Larkin 
Ashley Berry 
Sarah Clayton 
Lauren Kreckie 
Nikki Cohen 

Tony Price 
Katie Green 
Darryl Simpson 
Laura Doran 
Yvonne Chan 

hiead Coach 
Assistant Coach 
Assistant Coach 

The team was lead by sophomores Lauren Kreckie and Sarah Clayton. Clayton, a second-team all-conference 
selection, started in all 23 games in which she appeared, and ranked among league leaders with 14.5 points per 
game. She also contributed 3.6 rebounds and 1.6 steals per contest. Clayton, who earned all-tournament honors 
at the Cobblestone Inn Tip-off Tournament and the South Padre Island Shootout, shot 39 percent from three- 
point territory for the season. Kreckie, who was named to the GNAC weekly honor roll four times, ranked 
among league leaders with 12.1 points and 6.5 rebounds per contest. 

hiead coach Tony Price was recognized with the The hieights Award which honors an individual who has 
made significant contributions to the development and advancement of women's sports and through influence or 
personal achievement inspires girls and women in Massachusetts. 



Text by: Sean Tainsh Photographs by: Traverse Robinette 

The Simmons College swimming and diving team had one of its most successful seasons in the program's 
history in 2006-07. The Sharks took home their fifth Great Northeast Athletic Conference championship in 
the past six years, won the Regis Invitational for the first time and posted a 9-1 mark in dual meets, besting the 
existing school standard. 

Swimming and Diving, which posted dual meet victories 
over New England Women's and Men's Athletic 
Conference foes Mount hlolyoke and Babson, posted 
220.5 points at the GNAC championship meet on Dec. 
2 to defeat six other schools. Sophomore Keri-Ann 
Arsenault, who was named the conference's swimmer of 
the week three times, won three events at that meet. She 
set a meet record in the 1,000-yard freestyle with a time of 
11:36.13 and also won the 500-yard freestyle (5:37.00) 
and the 400-yard individual medley (5:12.60). 

The Sharks set two significant records this season, 
eclipsing the seven-year old team record in the 400-yard 
freestyle relay and besting the hlolmes Sports Center pool 
record in the 800-free relay. Erica Boswell, Lea Alderson, 
Brittany Torelli and Kaitlyn Ellis swam the 400-free event 
in 3:53.64 at the New England Swimming and Diving 
Championships on Feb. 18, eclipsing the old mark of 
3:53.89 set in 1999. The relay squad of Arsenault, 
Alderson, Caitlin Urciuoli and Ellis swam the 800-ydrd 
freestyle in 8:43.16 against Western New England on 
Dec. 9. 

Swimming &c Diving 

Lea Alderson 


Keri-Ann Arsenault 


Tammy Auduong 


Erica Boswell 


Anna Calvanese 


Meredith Carney 


Elizabeth Chan 


Jennifer Erviti 


Kaitlyn Ellis 


Carolyn Farmer 


Lauren FHauser 


Catherine FHeller 


Julia FHerman 


Kelly Lowry 


Ashley MacDonald 


Megan MacDonald 


Julia Anne Morrison 


FHolly Paquette 


Brittany Ann Torelli 


Caitlin Uriciuoli 


Katherine Willetts 


Doug Backlund FHead Coach 

Erin Rowe Div 

ing Coach 

Text by: Sean Tainsh Photographs by: Traverse Robinette 


Swimming & Diving 




1^ *. ' ■ ,^- 



The Simmons Collese crew team earned a bronze medal in the collegiate four event at the hiead of the Charles in Cambridge on Saturday, Oct. 21. It 

is the first-ever medal at the event for the Sharks, who placed third of 27 boats in a time of 20:53.769. The Simmons boat, which finished behind only 

Division l-schools Bucknell and Penn State, consisted of senior Regina Yopak, juniors Whitney Airgood and Nicole Richards, sophomore Elisabeth 

Schwarz and first-year coxswain Nicole Gallant. 


Whitney Airgood 


Denise Amirault 


Claire Anagnostopulos 


Alexandra Colonna 


Lucy ConA'in 


Jennifer Dubois 


Alanna Echlin 


Rachel Franchi 


Nicole Gallant 


Jessica Hauck 


Bridget hluxford 


Liz Marston 


Emilt Masi 


Shannon O'Loughlin 


Elizabeth Pattison 


Michaela Peters 


Jenn Prospere 


Nicole Richards 


Catalina Rojo 


Elizabeth Schwarz 


Lauren Searls 


Isis Traumann-Davis 


Caitlin Urciuoli 


Regina Yopack 



Text By Sean Tainsh Photographs by: Traverse Robinette 









j^^M^^^MJip .y. g 





Sports Candids 



LEAP is a program that indues many classes to 

keep exercise a part of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga, 

Spinning, African Dance, Pilates, Core, Ballet, 

Salsa Dancing and Hip Hop Dancing are some 

of the more popular classes offered weekly at the 

Homes Sports Center. By engaging in these 

classes student get a chance to destress, mingle 

and exercise with their friends in the evenings 

after classes. With convenient hours and fun 

instructors, any yoga class can become 90 

minutes of relaxation and a fun way to burn some 


Additionally the Simmons College Public Safety officers have created a 
well organized and fun class called RAD to teach student about sel 
defense. The best part: at the end of the course students get to practice 
on members of the Public Safety Crew like Officer Oilman. 






The Holmes 
Sports Center 

With a pool, dance room, squash court, basketba 
court, raised track, spinning room, and tons of machines 
from urgs to elipticals, the gym is a popular place for 
students to burn off a little steam. 
Dance and yoga classes, convenient hours and great staff 
make this a great place for everyone to enjoy. 
Additionally, intramural teams, triathalon training and 
person trainers for fitness and health are perfect for the 
student who wants to play sports in a less competitive 
environment or needs an extra push to reach their goals. 

The Holmes Sports Center is 
nestled between South Hall and 
the Health Center. 

Swimming lessons for kids in the 
neighbor hood are popular 
throughout the year. 

Fans of the Simmons volleyball 
team cheer on the side during the 
Emmanual game. 

With equipment to exercise every 
part of the body, the Holmes 
Sports Center is rarely empty. 


The Holmes Sports Center 

Senior Section 

President - Jacqui Lantagne 

Major: Arts Administration 
I Minor: French 

Served on council for 1 year 

Vice Pres. - Kristen Taylor 

Major: Physical Therapy 
Minor; Psychology 

Served on council for 3 years 

t >. Wi ill 

m Secretary - Brita DeVolder 

Major: Nursing 
'^ f-« Minor: Biology 


on council ror z years 

for 2 

Treasurer - Nicole lannone 

Majors: Psychology and French 
Served on council for 1 year 

SGA Rep. - Danielle Gopen 

Majors: International Relations and Spanish 
Minor: Economics 


on council for 1 year 

SAARB Rep. - Elizabeth Crew 

Major: Political Science 


on council for 1 year 

Planning events for the senior class of 2007 was fun and easy when 
this great group of girls came together. From Witch's Brew to Senior 
Week to the Class Gift this council was always willing to lend a hand 
and to inform the seniors about what was going on on campus. The 
100 Days Party and other events could not have been so classy without 
these class council women. 


Making the big decisions downtown at Starbucks; 

Crashing the Class of 2006's Commencement Ball for "planning 


Susan rapping pi; 

Toasting the Class of 2006 and Brittas heel puncturing the stage; 

The world is not enough S.A.S.S.Y.! 

Senior Section 

Class Council 


Senior/Faculty Toast 



|5^^^'>t ^^^^^^^■^^H^IP'^^^^^I 



d A 


IB^^^^^^^^^EI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hi ^^1 




■ #"V 

i^^P'^l^ .° 

Simmons Traditions Thrive 

Held on October 4, 2006, the annual Simmons Senior- 
Faculty Toast allowed the faculty to toast the senior class 
as they entered their final semester at Simmons. The Class 
of 2007 joined Simmons faculty in the Linda K. Paresky 
Conference Center for dessert, refreshments and 
champagne. During the event, those in attendance 
socialized, mingled, and celebrated the kick off to their last 
year at Simmons. Guest speakers included Susan 
Scrimshaw, new president of Simmons College and 
Cathryn Mercier, associate dean of Simmons College of 
Arts and Sciences. Mercier was asked to speak by the 
class council due to her admirable influence in the 
development of the Multi-disciplinary Core Course 
(MCC) program in her freshman year of 2003. 


Senior Section 

I Senior/Faculty Toast 

In celebration of the Halloween spirit, 
seniors twenty-one year of age were 
invited to Jillian's, a pool hall, on tfie 
evening of October 27tfi, 2006. 
Only seven dollars at the door, the 
first twenty-five guests to arrive at six 
o'clock were given a complimentary 
prize of a witch's hats. Once inside, 
everyone enjoyed a night of free 
appetizers and competitive, but 
friendly games of pool. The event, 
sponsored by the senior class council, 
was a huge success and great fun for 
all who attended. "The best part of 
all," according to Jacqui Lantagne, the 
class president, "was that the event 
was a successful fundraiser for the 

Witches Brew 

Senior Section 

Witches' Brew 


Hawa Zoe Abu 


Wylie Rachel Adler 


Jessica Monique Aiken 


Lea Ann Alderson 


Elizabeth Marie Alessi 

Bio-Chemistry, Psychology 

Lisa Christine Allen 


Zainab Ahmed Alsubai Mandila Andrea 

Computer Science Political Science, International Relations 

Maria Alexandra Angeles 


Asja Asceric 


Anna Ashby 


Diane Marie Aucoin 

Physical Therapy 


Raya Bagardi 

Physical Therapy 
Senior Section 

Juliana Barile 

Chemistry, Physics 

Jillian W. Beasley 


Jenny Leah Beder 



Elisabeth J. Beloten 

Political Science 

Larissa Margaret Benedek 

Arts Administration, Honors 

Rachel Lynn Benjamin 

Psychology, Sociology 

Sophia G. Bennett 


Elizabeth Day Bernard 

English, Honors 

Rebecca Jean Berry 


Paula E. Bettencourt 

Economics, International Relations 

Dana Elizabeth Bialer 

Women's Studies 

Mira Claire Blumberg 


Rachel Leah Boothby 

Arts Administration, Honors 

Rosemarie Boumenot Mallory Marie Brady 


Psychology. Education 

Keelin Anne Brett 

Political Science 

Elona Bufi 


Amy Ruth Bullock 


Amy Burton 

International Relations, Economics 
Senior Section 



Amy Lee Butterworth 


Danielle K. Byrdsong 


Caitlyne Chau Ngocle Cai 


Alexandra E. Carlton 


Ashleigh Elizabeth Carter 


Lisa Marie Cassidy 


Elisha Mae Castonguay 


Emily H. Catallozzi 


Sherina Chan 


May G. Chen 


Schebania Cherilus 


Danielle Elizabeth Christie 



Stephanie Ciofolo 

Senior Section 


Meaghan Ashley Clow 


Ariel Nikiya Cohen 


Emily Sharon Cohen 

Society and Health, Sociology 

Elina C. Combs 


Emily Elizabeth Concascia Megan Christine Conlin 

Communications, Art Sociology, Political Science 

Jean M. Connors 

Communications, Honors 

Natasha B. Cote 

Marketing, Economics 

Zoe N. Cox 


Elizabeth W. Crew 

Political Science 

Marisa Marie Cunha 

Physical Therapy 

Maya I. Cunningham Binal Ashwin Dalsania 

Finance. Honors 


Megan Spain Damour 


Elizabeth Clare Davis 


Jennifer Mei-Kee Dear 









^^^WIWBW ^ " 







Abigail R. S. Demille 


Sarah A. Deroche 

Computer Science 

Britta Elizabeth Devolder 

Nursing, Honors pw^j 

Senior Section VTi 

Portraits J^ J 


_ ^ 




"^ wBB||| 

ilMMi. ''^ 


r It 


Robin E. Dishner 


Kathy Phan Do 


Jennifer Marie Dolan 


Joanna Marie Donato 

Physical Therapy 

Mirlande Dorsainvil 


Lindsay F. Doughty 


Norina Dragonetti 


Sasha Mirlaine Dubois 


Margaret Dudley 

Politcal Science 

Nichole L. Duggan Anna Carolyn Dunkelman Margaret Connell Earl 





Joycelyn Galloway Edwards Lilia Ocenar Esposito 

Elementary Education, Sociology Psychology 

Senior Section 


Leanna Marie Farnam 

Bio-Chemistry, Honors 

Shannon Farrell 

Computer Science 

/ 1 

Cara B. Feinzeig 

Nursing, Honors 

Alexis Felder 

English, Spanish 

Kathleen E. Fitzgerald Lawrie Beth Fitzgerald 

Economics, International Relations Sociology 

Katelyn M. Flahive 

Music, Spanish 

Erika Danielle Fox 

Marketing, Communications 

Suzanne Fraelick 

Arts Administration, PR-Marketing 

Jennifer M. Franco 




1 m '' 

J 'H 

H ^ V 

^ m 


w*'. i^hImH 

|IIf ^ 



\%. IHH 

Christine Jennifer Frascino Laura Kathleen Freedman Yi-Ning Fu 

Communications Nursing Communications, French 

Jacqueline Furlone 

Arts Administration. PR-Marketins 

Megan E. Gage 

Spanish, Coimnunications 

Ariel Rosina Gamble 

Political Science 

Danielle Marie Garson 

Elementary Education, Social Studies 

Jessica Elia Giraldo 

Physical Therapy 
Senior Section 



Aileen Marie Gleason 


Melixza Gonzalez 

Political Science 

Danielle S. Gopen 

International Relations, Spanish 

Kristen Nicole Grant 


Sarah B. Gusky 


Christine E. Gutman 

French, Honors 

Meron Girma Haile 


Cailey Sue Halloran 

English, Honors 

Nancy Lynn Hansell Emmalia Emma Harrington Christina M. Harris 

PR-Marketing East Asian Studies Nursing 

Jennifer M. Harris 

Economics, International Relations 

Kristina Lee Harris Sophia Naldrett Hartdegen Jamie Sue-Ann Hartly 

Bio-Chemistry Bio-Pyschology Psychology, Sociology 

Senior Section 


Alyson C. Heimer 

Economics, International Relations 

Sarah Heller 

Finance, Economics 

Jennifer L. Henderson 


Lauren Hess 


Meredith Patricia Hight 


Margaret Hoban 


Cherrie Huang 

Environmental Science 

Jocelyn B. Hulburt 


CaroHne M. Hunter 

English, Philosophy 

Maegan L. Hurley 


Nichole Elizabeth lannone Nadia Amanda Insanally 

Psychology, Honors Psychology 

Emilie J. Irving 

Sociology, Africana Studies 

Michele Lee Jefferson 


Katherine Elizabeth 
Stern Jones 


Estella Kanevsky 

Mathematics, Economics 

Olga E. Karagiannis 

Communications, Arts Administration 

Senior Section 



■^•"^^ ''tpfc 

Ira Kattia 

Vanita Kontrakul 


Jacqueline Lantagne 

Arts Administration 

Ashley Noel Keville 


Hannah Hastings Kimball 


Rebecca Susan Kolenik 


Elizabeth Anne Kos 


Supicha Kridaratikorn 


Megan Kathleen Lacava 


Elena J. Larson 

English, Women's Studies 

Khaoula Lebeche 

Physical Therapy 

Kimberly J. Lindsey 


Colleen Ann Lively 

Physical Therapy 
Senior Section 


Julie Christine Loffler 


Ashley Tori Lowe 


Cassandra L. Lusso 


Rebecca S. Macijeski 

English, Music 

Mariel Alexa Macnaughton 

Communications, English 

Kyle Linn Macqueen 


Kaitlin Justine Maguire 


Alexandra Lynn Marchetta Kristen Astrid Margeson Lauren Patricia Margolin Lauren Marie Mastronardi 

Bio-Chemistry Economics, Mathematics Biology Nursing 

Kathryn Helen McCarthy 


Lisa Janine McKee 


Elizabeth R. McTiernan 


Lindsay E. Meath 


Deborah Suzanne Melton 


Kurston O. Melton 


Joyce Mensah 


Courtney Beth Meyer 


Senior Section 



Roselyn Mignavong 


Sara Sahde Anna Miller 

English, Communications 

Michelle L. Miranda 


Jennifer L. Modzeleski 


Alexa Olga Monina 

Economics, Honors 

Abegail Laura Moore 


Elizabeth I. Morency 


Jean M. Morrison 

Arts Administration 

Jona Muhameti 


Erin P. Murphy 

Studio Art 

Sarah Murphy 

Arts Administration 

Jennifer E. Mushlin 

Mathematics, Computer Science 


Kateiyn P. Nadeau 

Senior Section 


Aimee M. Nadow 

English, Education 

Monica Leslie Nasser 

Arts Administration 

Vanessa Jane Navarro 


Trista C. Naylor 

Political Science, Communications 

Brittany Nichols 


Vivian Nyambura Njuguna Ana Margarita U. Nolasco 

Political Science, Economics Physical Therapy 

Victoria Marie Nye 


Stephanie Christina O'Brien Shannon Marie O'Neale Kathryn Ann Oberlander 

Marketing Physical Therapy Nursing 

Courtney Diane Orelup Kara Maria Paglione Hollie Alexandra Palombo Chelsea A. Paradore 




Society and Health 

Kathleen Marie Pare 


Anna Lee Peabody 


Leah Marie Pearlman 


Lindsey Dawn Piccirillo 

Physical Therapy 

Senior Section 



Jessica Lynn Pike 


Cassandra Jean Plamondon Janelle Grace Pomerleau 

Nursing Nursing 

Sarah Adrienne Prime 

Physical Therapy 

Melissa Rose Pullikinen 

Social Studies, Elementary Education 

Jamie Nicole Rear Alexis J. Renwanz Kersti Ribb 

Communications International Relations, East Asian Studies Bio-Psychology 

Meryl A. Roark 


Dana Alexandra Robbins 


Nicole Waite Robillard 

Society and Health 

Jessica M. Roderick 




^^^^Hl m 




Emily L. Ross 

Senior Section 

Francesca Rouquie 

Women's Studies 

Rachael Alycyn Ruhl 


Chennill Russell 





■ tjr. 

'^ m 


H X 

'' M M 




Anna Rybnik 

Physical Therapy 

Kerline Saint-Fleur 


Sophie Sandquist 


Iris Madeleine Sandusky 

Retail Management 

Giannina Jannet Santos 


Samantha J. Scanlon 


Aviva Beth Schwartz 


Amanda J. Scoville 


Goda Sekmokaite 


Rachel A. Shafman 


Miriam Silverstone 

Physical Therapy 

Emily A. Silvias 


Ashley Nicole Simmons Kristina Francesca Skarbinski Autumn E. Soffel 

Psychology Biology Nursing 

Danielle Spada 

Senior Section 




^k '''^''^■ 

,-■«> Mp: 





Fay Stambuk 

Management. International Relations 

Erin Kristina Stuart 


Megan Rose Sullivan 


Seiyam Suth 


Rachel L. Swepson 

International Relations 

Emily Yib Taing 


Caitlin Elizabeth Surprise 


Kate Elizabeth Talbot 


Sandy Tan 


Kristen Elizabeth Taylor 

Physical Therapy 

Meredith Ann Taylor 



Linh My Thi Thach 

Senior Section 


Christie M. Tingley 

Political Science, Mathematics 

Jovita S. Tjandra 


Whitney A. Taylor 


Molly Marie Tudryn 


Darline Tunis 

Economics, Honors 

Alessandra Fatima Veiga 

Political Science 

Justine Ann Veloza 

Physical Therapy 

Stephanie Victoria 


Judith S. Voufo 


Kristina Nicole Vulgaris 


Denise Wadler 

Education, Psychology 

Megan EHzabeth Waters 

Psychology, Honors 

Anna-Ruth Watts 



m tsr. 

9v iK 





. ) 



w^\ Y 


Stephanie Wendratno 

Marketing, Finance 

Jessica Ann White Stephanie Marcia WilHams 


Psychology, Philosophy 

Mary EHzabeth Winslow Amanda Wolbrum 

Psychology Nutrition 

Mallory Brooke Woods 

Arts Administration, Honors 

Elisabeth Wursten 


Senior Section 



Hye Jung Yoon 

Arts Administration 

Regina R. Yopak 

Environmental Science, Physics 

Julia A. Young 

Arts Administration 

To the Class of 2007, ' 

It was truly an honor to serve as class president. At every 
twist and turn throughout senior year, the overwhelming 
support for class council has been a great comfort and 
has helped us meet challenges with ease. Thanks for 
everything and on behalf of class council, we wish you 
nothing but good luck in all of your future endeavors! 

Sahar Zelkha 


Nicole Marie Zielinski 



Jacqui Lantagne 

Seniors Who 
Studied Abroad 

Christine Swayne 


Samira DeAndradre 

Business Management 

Senior Section 
Vl^^l Senior Portraits 

Letter from Lauran Nelson, SGA President 

Dear Class of 2007, 

Congratulations to you, the class of 2007, and congratulations to your families, friends, and loved ones who 
join you in celebrating your graduation. You have truly had a remarkable career at Simmons College, from the 
moment you arrived. Graduation marks the end of your undergraduate years, and a closing of a chapter of 
your lives. But today is also a beginning - the beginning of new opportunities and new adventures. I see in all 
of you endless possibilities and am so excited for you. 

Each of you, in your own way, has left an imprint on the College and will be missed dearly. Two seniors 
specifically have left their imprints on the Student Government Association, and will be remembered for years 
to come. 

First, Jennifer hHarris graduates this year having held positions of Academic Affairs Officer, Secretary, and 
Senator over the past four years. Her incredible enthusiasm and tireless work ethic were just two traits that the 
entire community will miss. The rest of the SGA E-Board knows she will be extremely successful in the future, 
and we anticipate the legacy of Jen's tenure at Simmons continuing through many generations of Student 
Government Executive Boards. 

Second, Kristen Margeson graduates this year after serving tirelessly as the SGA Treasurer, hier insightful 
nature, meticulous organizational skills, and knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order were appreciated greatly by 
the student community over the past year. Kristen will undoubtedly succeed in the future, and we hope that 
she looks back fondly on the time she spent in the office with us. 

In many ways, Jen and Kristen have served as my mentors over the past year, offering me continued advice, 
support, and love. I hope that you, the class of 2007 will remember the support you have received during 
your college years, and honor the person who provided it by playing a similar role in the life of a future 

Once again, my sincere congratulations to you all! Best of Luck in the future. 


Laura Nelson, 08 

SGA President 

Senior Section 

Letter from the SGA President 


""" j 





Senior Section 

Senior Class Candids 

Senior Section 

Senior Class Candids 


Independent Study 

Many seniors had amazing independent study projects covering a wide 
range or topics and answering many unanswered questions. "The best 
thing about doing an independent study is that you really get to work one 
on one with a professor with a subject you really want to know more 
about," said one graduating senior. The following are a few examples of 
the interesting topics covered by members of the class of 2007: 

O Researched and came up with new methods to analyze steroids/ 
the industrial applications of which include faster and more 
accurate testing of athletes at a lower cost. 

O A multimedia project of a short story for children with musical, 
written and artistic compenents. 

O A photogaphy project about transformation and insecurity. 

O Translating ancient Chinese poetry to English. 

O Comparative study of two Kenyan ports to show codependency 
in regional development. 


O Smith Barney 

O Boston Latin 

O KLD Research and Analytics 

O Barbara Lee interships at 
The State hlouse 

O Boston Center for the Arts 

O K, 


O Brigham Women's Hospital 
O Beth Israel Hospital 

O Studio 5 

O The Museum of Fine Arts 

O Bank of America 


Senior Section 


Senioritis Makes the 

Last Semester 


Senior Section 




i^ /;* 





» ■ # 



1 f 

i A^ 1 * 


9B O^^^^^^K^ 


■■■ ^ 

100 Days Party 


Senior Section 

100 Days Party 


^^B| ^^^^^^^^ ■llllllillilllllM IPII^ 



^^ml ^& 3MtS^M ^^. 

^^^^^^^Bm. Wr ''^''^' 

Friends and Fun in Boston 

The 100 Days Party for the graduating seniors was a 
great night for the class of 2007. Signifying only 
100 days until commencement, and held in down- 
town Boston at Sanctuary, these upper 
class women hung out together, had a 
few laughs and talked about plans for after 
graduation. Not only did seniors take the 
cold night off from studying to have a 
warm drink and dance, but to be with the 
friends they had made over the past four 
years. Arranged by the Senior Class 
Council, this event was attended by over 
150 students, and everyone certainly had 
a good time. 





Kt ^^ 



g. ^' 





Iv" -j^Kk 








Senior Section 

100 Days Part}- 


Senior Section 



Underclass Women 

Many members of the Class of 2008 are 
involved actively on campus in student 
activites and student life. Tfiey are 
orientation leaders, RAs, and members of 
eboards in every organization on campus. 

Class of 2008 

Member of tfie class of 2008 holding 
the 2006 yearbook in anticipation of 
her own volume of Simmons' history. 


Underclass Women 

Class of 2008 

Intelligent and Creative 

The ladies in the Class of 2008 are more than willing to step up to 
responsibility and challenges. In and out of the classroom these women 
are full of ideas to better the world around them and educate 
themselves in a plethera of interests. 

President - Daniella Plourde 

Big plans for the Class of 2008 came 
together with the assistance of Danielle 
Plourde and her upbeat attitude about her 
fellow students. 

I Vice Pres. - Jessica Rudis 

Jessica's presence at E-Board meetings 
enabled the group to stay active in alternative 
realms of student life. 

Treasurer - Claudia Heye 

Claudia's attention to details and focus 
enabled the class council to get through the 
year in an organized fashion. 

Underclass Women 

Class of 2008 : 

■ 75 

President - Cecelia Bittner 

Cecelia led her class through this year 
with strog decisions and organization, 
making 2006-2007 one of the best 
years for this class. 

Vice Pres. - Freya Damrell 

Freya's ability to get things done 
enabled this year's activities to be 
efficient and well-organized. 

Secretary - Linda Jiang 

Linda made sure that the class of '09 
was informed of all important events, 
keeping in touch with the students and 
creating a great community. 

Treasurer - Karina Rocchio 

Karina kept track of the class finances, 
doling out money wisely so that the 
class was able to fund many terrific 

SGA Rep.- Sam Furbush 

Sam kept the class council on track 
with her dedication and precision in 
communicating the needs of her class 
to SGA every week. 


Academics always come first with the 

under classwomen of 2009. You 

can find them studying in the library, 

their rooms, the BPL, the 5th floor of 

the Wheelock Library, on the Quad, 

the MFA, and the common rooms 

on the Residence campus. 


The class of 2009 is very leadership- 
oriented. Its members hold many 
leadership roles on and off campus: 
Student Government members, RAs, 
OLs, FYE Facilitators, Student 
Directors of Scott/Ross programs, 
editorial staff members of the Voice 
and Microcosm, Presidents of 
Organizations and Liaisons, and that 
doesn/t include their off campus 
community building activities. 

Not Pictured Above; FHaley Stifler, the 2009 Judicial Board Representative 


Underclass Women 

Class of 2009 


The members of the class of 2009 are some of 
the most fun-loving women on. campus. Often 
you will find them laughing and enjoying life, 
even during finals. 

Courtney Swan '09 


"Sophmore year is great because I'm finally 

in classes that are related to my major and I 

now know my way around campus. Also, I 

got to finally choose who I live with... 

even though its one of the same 

people I lived with last year." 

Compassionate and Driven 

These ladies are involved in many programs 
throughout the city to better the education, 
quality of living and level of acceptance for 
people and kids in the Boston Area. From 
Strong Women Strong Girls, to City on the 
hiill, to Jumpstart, many students choose to 
participate in service learning, and volunteer 
work for many reasons. One Sophomore 
commented that, "volunteering is the best 
part of my week because when you teach a 
child something and they really udnrstand it, 
they light up and you can't help but smile." 

Students in the Class of 2009 are 

more than willing to give their all 

for student activities and 

academics. Stong leaders and 

interesting personalities are 

rampant among the sophomore 

women. These ladies are involved 

in most of the student groups at 

Simmons and maintain leadership 

roles in many of them. 

Friendship is a key part of the 
Simmons experience, without which 
there would not be so strong a 
sense of community. Many of the 
member of the class of 2009 are 
directly responsible for nurturing 
such friendships. Whether they are 
RAs, tutors, classmates or floor 
members, 2009 women are more 
than willing to make friends and help 
their Simmons Sisters. 

Underclass Women | .*i 

Class of 2009 "^^^-^ 

Danielle Pepin 


"When I first came to Simmons I was not 

sure a womens' college was right for me. I 

have no regrets! My professors are easy to 

relate to and all of the girls are really fun to 

be around. Never I have felt so 

comfortable in an academic setting!" 

This fresh, new group of girls came to Simmons College 
ready to get involved, become leaders, and better the 
Simmons Community through awareness, service, and 
making our school a happier and better place. Making 
up the majorities in Simmons hiall, Morse hiall, and 
parts of Mesick South hialls, these girls have added a 
new twist on what it means to be a Simmons Woman. 

i . 14 fe, ;# 


Every First-Year's experiences are different 
There was, however, a large percentage 
of first-years that celebrated hialloween in 
style with costumes and candy outside 
their door. 

It is always exciting to see what a new year has 
to bring to Simmons College and this year a 
new group of diverse girls have chosen 
Simmons as their new home and community. 

hHanging out in the dorms can be loads of 
fun, but the commuter students joined in 
when first-years entered the streets of 
Boston on weekends to shop, eat, see 
movies and highschool friends and enjoy 
the city. 


Underclass Women 

Class of 2010 

President - Aliaa Ghonim 

Dedicated and committed, her hope was to 
bring school spirit to the Class of 2010 and 
make the experience at Simmons as 
memorable as possible. She worked hard in 
student government to make everyone heard. 

Vice President - Lara Shugom 

As the link between her peers' ideas and 
student government, she was willing to go 
beyond the job of vice president to ensure 
that the class of 2010 could join together and 
count on her as friend, confidant, and reliable 

Secretary - Jacqie 

Not only was it her job to keep everyone in 
the loop about class events, but this 
hardworking woman showed her true colors 
with her responsible behavior and dilligent 
actions as secretary for the first-years. 

Treasurer - Shelaigh Hyde 

Confident in her ability to aid the President, 
hlyde entered Simmons ready to set and 
attain the goals of her class. She worked to 
obtain full class involvement and to listen to 
what each student had to say. 

Underclass Women 

Class of 2010 

Written by Elizabeth Cortez-Neave 

The Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholar Program is a Simmons undergraduate program that 
provides women aged 24 and over with the opportunity to benefit from the unique 
combination of liberal arts and sciences, as well as professional study that Simmons 
under-gradudte programs offer. 

The program makes up approximately 15 percent of the Simmons undergraduate 
student body, and boasts that Dix Scholars often attain higher grade point averages than 
do younger students. The Dix Scholars continue to build a strong community with each 
other, as well as the traditional undergraduate and graduate students at Simmons. 

Profiled here are two women who have come back, later in life, to continue their education 
and build new friendships. 

Daphnee Germain is a second-year Nursing Major. 
Before attending Simmons, Daphnee acquired a BA 
in Sociology and International Relations. 
She served in the Peace Corps in the Republic of 
Niger West Africa and has worked with JhlPIEGO, 
an international health organization affiliated with the 
John hlopkins University, on a hHIV/AIDS 
reproductive health project with a focus 
on West and Central Africa. She was on the executive board for the 
Dix Scholars Association (DSA) and Treasurer of the DSA in 2005- 
2006. Currently she works at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical 
Center and gets involved in the Simmons community through 
the Nursing Pinning Committee. Daphnee said it is very 
encouraging to see women, such as herself, going back to 
school later in life. There is a positive energy which exists 
amongst the diverse women who go to seek a degree and 
making sacrifices to change their life course, she says. [It is] 
also inspiring to see how many different ways women are 
making a contribution to social change. 
Sarah Coates-Cowenhoven is a 27-year-old, Goonies-loving, Economics major with a Political Science minor, 
hier favorite color is a deep and cranberry red. Like many traditional Simmons undergraduates, she is currently 
just focusing on school. 

She worked for a Newton-based investment management firm as a portfolio analyst and sold real estate in the 
Boston area for several years. She also worked as a loan officer and underwriter for a Vermont credit union. 
She has been attending Simmons since September of 2005, and commutes from Waltham every day. Nothing 
is perfect, she says. Its a small price to pay to get to a fabulous school. 

Before coming to Simmons, Sarah took English courses at UMass Boston and Mass Bay Community College, 
and attended a few commercial real estate finance courses at Boston University. She was on the executive board for the Dix Scholars Association and 
represented the DSA as a Student Government Association representative in 2005-2006. She was born in Burlington, Vermont and she and her husband 
have a baby due in July. 

Sarah says Simmons has affected her life in innumerably positive ways. She returned to school to gain knowledge and apply it to the career track she was 
building, while breaking the glass ceiling she was hitting because she had no degree. I thought, okay lets get this degree and get out as quickly as possible, 
she says. But learning how to be a student is one of the hardest things Ive ever done. 
Sarah says that the skills students develop while in school are not found on the job. In academia, you learn how to listen, how to manage time, how to 

analyze information, and how to push yourself. Those skills are taught and demanded here. 
They arent taught by your parents, or by your supervisors. They are acquired skills found in 
an academic setting. Im very humbled by this, she says. 

Sarah says she hopes that every student appreciates and takes advantage of the atmosphere 
created by the faculty. Its so evident that the entire school faculty is behind every students 
success that really resonates with me in my experience at Simmons, she says. Their open 
door policy and their willingness to work with you and take you seriously are quite 
remarkable. Its something that I commend and will never forget. 

For more information on the Dix Scholars program please visit 
Underclass Women 

Dix Scholars 

Colleges of the Fenway 

— . 









■.,:. y^s'-^^ifK'jtwrW^:-: 

mm mm 






»e- ■ 


lim^^HB. 1 




Hi' ..a 






Student Life 

Colleges of the Fenway 

Colleges of the Fenwa\ 

Family Weekend 

Student Activities Brings Parents to Boston 

With events such as Boston Duck Tours, panel discussions on studying 
abroad, and the President's Brunch, parents for women in all years of 
their Simmons experience came to share in the activities and praise their 
daughters. The beautiful autumn weather helped make this event even 
more enjoyable as the hiead of the Charles rowing competition pit the 
Simmons crew team against teams from around the nation. Additionally, 
Organizacion Latino Americana's (OLA) annual dinner was a 
tremendous success full of dancing and good food. Thanks to Michelle 
Vital, Susan Chudd, Gillian Gitchell and Erin O'Conner, this Simmons 
College tradition went smoothly for the 34th year running. 

Parents and students listened to 
speakers about studying abroad, 
the lesbian and gay community 
on campus, and scholarship 
oppurtunities. Performances by 
the Sirens and the Gospel Choir 
in Quadside, as well as 
discounted tickets to restaurants, 
theatre and concerts around 
Boston made this event fun for 
the entire family. 


Student Life 

Family Weekend 

m hM ^V Ib^^^K.* 


^B^^^^^k ^B^^^^K* 


W^ ""J"' 



^ ' 

■ -.-1 

Women's Legacy 

Women's Legacy Weekend, formally known as 
Mother-Daughter Weekend, is a tradition in which 
Simmons students invite the women in their lives who 
have impacted them greatly to share in the Simmons 
experience. Whether it is your mother, aunt, friend, 
or grandmother, Simmons opens its door for one 
weekend in the spring and hosts many fun events. 
This year the Legacy Weekend took place from 
February 23 through February 25 and was a huge 


Events at Women's Legacy 
Weekend 2007: 

Christin Baze's Caberet Show, Respect; a Journey Through 

Music for Women, Shabbat Service, Enjoying & Maintaining 

Good Health and Simmons and Beyond, Family Brunch, a 

Lecture on Feminism, Hall Tea, Service Learning, Trolley Tour 

of Boston, Soul Food Dinner, and the Presidents Brunch. 

1 J 



pIHImL if 

Student Life 

Women's Legacy Weekend 


Drama Club 

William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" 

The fall drama performance of "Twelftfi Night", by William 
Shakespeare features Simmons College actresses performing this 
romantic comedy of the 1600's. The Drama Club (also known 
as the Theatrical Society) used many Elizabethan elements to 
perform "Twelfth Night" in the spirit of William Shakespeares' 
writing. At the end of the day, this group of talented Simmons 
women wanted to let all the ladies know that this is "Proof that 
your love life is not as complicated as you think!" After hours 
of auditions and months of practice, the Simmons Drama Club 
presented their play from November 10th through the 12th in 
the Linda K. Paresky Conference Center. Short one acts by 
Shel Silverstein were performed in the spring. 

Student Life 

The Drama Club's Twelfth Night 

Winter Wonderland and 
Festival of Lights 

At the Festival of Lights, Simmons students shared their 
cultural histories and traditions, culminating in the 
announcement of which residence hall won the Simmons Cup 
decorating contest. This years Winter Wonderland featured 
freshly carved turkey and ham served by Dean of Student Life 
Sheila Murphy, her husband and her sons. Side dishes 
included traditional Thanksgiving treats like stuffing and sweet 
potatoes, with various pies for dessert. Students, staff and 
faculty socialized and filled their bellies to the sweet tones of a 
live band playing traditional holiday music. 


^ § J 

Student Life 

Winter Wonderland 



International Learning Center 

3 1 6 Huntington Ave.| 



instead ot 'tutoring' .. I go -o 
know her and work^a out £ ^ 
s-hedu''e...3hewas ;ny 

q littie seif-conscicjs. 




Dr^a<^"_ not because 

Scott/Ross Center 

The Scott/Ross Center for Community Service facilitates and promotes 
community sen/ice and service learning for Simmons College faculty, staff, and 
students. The Center serves the Greater Boston community by developing 
reciprocal partnerships with community organizations while enriching and 
expanding students' educational and co-curricular experiences. 

Founded in 1899, Simmons College has a strong history of community 
involvement. The Scott/Ross Center for Community Service was established in 
2000 through the generosity of Emily Scott Pottruck '78, Trustee of the College, 
in recognition of Simmons' strong commitment to community service. The Center 
is named in honor of Scott Pottruck and her mother, Arlene Ross Gross '47. 

The Scott/Ross Center is comprised of two major service programs: Simmons 
Community Outreach and the Office of Service Learning. These programs work 
closely together to provide a variety of service opportunities for students, teaching 
resources for faculty, and support to community partners. 

Patrick - Murray ^^^^' 5 

Inaugural Committee :™i:„.»- 

'.S, "M 

Student Life 

Scott Ross Center 

Listed below are most of the Service Learning and Volunteer sites 

promoted by the Scott/Ross Center: 

Arterschool Program at Simmons, America Counts, America Reads, 

Beacon Academy, Big Sister Association, Boston Cares, Boston 

Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Boston Latin, Casa Nueva Vida, 

Centro Presente, Citizen Schools, City on a Hill, COF Alternative 

Spring Break, Community Sen/ings, Cradles to Crayons, Education 

Sparks, Earned Income Tax Credit Campaign, Farragut Afterschool 

Program, Fenway CDC, Girl Scouts, Girls LEAP Self Defense, 

Greater Egleston FHigh School, FHealth Education @ Simmons, 

FHomes for Families, Hyde Square Task Force, Jamaica Plain 

Headstart, Jumpstart, MissionSAFE, Mount Pleasant, New England 

SCORES, Peace Games, Rosies Place, Science Club for Girls, 

Simmons Alternative Spring Break, Simmons Community ESL 

Program, Simmons Community Outreach, Sociedad Latina, Special 

Olympics, SquashBusters, St Francis House, Steppingstone 

Foundation, Steps to Success, Strong Women Strong Girls, 

Tenacity, Upward Bound, Urban Ecology Institute, Womens Lunch 

Place, YMCA International Learning Center. 

Student Life 

Scott Ross Center 


What Happens in Fenway... 

Stays in Fenway 

Dont feel like waiting for the fiottest movie to come out on DVD? Tfie Landmark 
Center has a movie theater for your viewing pleasure! 

Cafeteria food got you down? Take a short stroll to Queensbury Street where you 
can dine in a variety of restaurants. Black Jack Pasta Bar, home to 21 unique 
sauces, provides a quaint dining experience. Right next door you can find the 
infamous College Pizza. The best part? Both places accept your Fenway Cash! 


Whether you are looking for bulletin 
board at Bed, Bath and Beyond, or a 
DVD at Best Buy, the Landmark Center 
has everything a college student might 


The Museum of Fine Arts and 
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 
offer quiet sanctuaries for students to 
study or relax. 

Fenway Area 

Fenway Park 

Red Sox Nation at 

What could be a better way to 
begin in your sophomore year than 
watching the beloved Boston Red 
Sox win the 2004 World Series? 
Ask any Simmons Senior and they 
will tell you that this momentous 
event was one of their most 
memorable experiences of their 

college career 

Food and Fun 


Their was a revival of Neil Diamond fans when the Sox began using 
Sweet Caroline as their unofficial team anthem. 

Student Life 

Fenway Area 


Asian Student 

Through entertaining events and activities such as food fundraisers and Hot Pot 
lunches, the Asian Student Association unifies Asian students at Simmons while 
exposing the Simmons community to various aspects of Asian cultures. With the 
help of contacts at other colleges, ASA assists in sen/ices for the improvement and 
welfare of the Asian community in Boston. Offering a short-term course to Thailand 
while producing an annual literary magazine entitled Under the Same Sky, ASA 
provides the chance for any student to learn more about Asian cultures. 


Student Life 


Black Student Organization 

With hopes of promoting 
cultural awareness through 
education, this organization 
provides direction for the Black 
women of Simmons College. 
Aside from developing and 
increasing self-pride among its 
members, the Black Student 
Organization advocates unity 
through successful school- and 
city-wide occasions, such as 
fundraisers, bake sales, parties 
and charitable dances. 

Student Lite 



iiiiiipiiilii|pr -^ 





Organizacion Latino 

Designed to bring together the Latinas on campus, this organization has 
sponsored several events this year, including movies and an ice cream social 
Aside from embracing the Latino culture and bringing awareness to the 
Simmons community, OLA also promotes diversity and educates students, 
staff, and faculty about the Latino heritage. 



Latino Heritage Month 

For October, Latino hieritage Month, the 
Organizacion Latino Americana hosted several 
events, including a snow cone (piragua) sale, a bake 
sale, and the Noche Latina at Bartol, featuring Latin 
foods. Other events were the Panel Discussion on 
Immigration, featuring the US Ambassador of Guyana 
posted in Washington D.C (Ambassador Bayney 
Karran). OLA also hosted their annual Latin Night of 
the Arts Dinner on Oct. 2L This event included 
performances by hiispanic dance groups from the local 
area, Bajucol (a local Colombian dance group), 
Ritmos Academy (a childrens dance group), Ruedas 
(a Salsa group from MIT), a Latin Ballroom couple, 
and two girls from OLA who presented poems. 



Student Life 


Campus Activities Board 

A Note from the President: 

It has been my privilege to serve as an executive member of the Campus 
Activities Board for my four years here at Simmons College. I have seen 
this organization grow and change and have had the opportunity to 
experience some stellar events hosted by our organization. As for my 
favorite event I am proud of each one and they all hold special meaning 
in my life and experience at Simmons. 

On a personal level my involvement in CAB has changed who I am and 
allowed me to build confidence as well as hone communications skills. It 
was a stepping stone for me in navigating my career path and I am 
forever grateful for the experience. 


Jessica White 

Campus Activities Board 



The mission of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is to 
provide a wide range of social, educational and cultural 
activities for the Simmons community and their guests. 
CAB also commits to co-sponsoring with other 
organizations and departments as well as the Colleges of 
the Fenway. 

CAB has played an active role with programming 
different events on campus. It has been our mission to 
entertain, inspire and spark conversation about 
controversial topics. While holding true to tradition and 
planning the Simmons Soiree each year, CAB also 
ventured outside the programming box to create fun and 
innovative events for the entire Simmons Community. 

Working for an organization like CAB is extremely 
rewarding. It is a forum to express ideas of change for the 
Simmons Community as well as taking charge of projects 
that are important to one as an individual. CAB is an 
organization that supports each other and stands firm on 
positive ideals and morals. We have worked to build 
strong relationships with students, staff, administration and 
outside agencies. As a result CAB is a highly dependable 
organization that can be used as a catalyst for solid 
programming and a resource to others. 

Student Life 




immons ooiree 

On February 11, 2007, the Ballroom Veronique was overflowing with 

Simmonians! At the annual Simmons Soiree, planned by the Campus 

Activities Board, Simmons students dance, eat, and enjoy themselves all 

while looking gorgeous! The theme this year was "La Bella Notte," and if 

you ask anyone, it truly was a "beautiful night!" 




H^ESSj^HB^r .i^yi^^^^^^l 




^kz Simmons Som 
"La 3effa .notte 

jmruarxj lo, 200/ 


Student Life 

Scott Ross Center 

Student Government Association 

With The Executive Board/ Student Senate and the Judical SAARB Board, 
SGA is a fully functionally and fair body of government for the students of 
Simmons College. In the past four years SGA has rewritten election rules, 
decided to support divestment from Sudan, childcare on campus and 
helped in the search for a new president. SAARB has been responsible for 
the renovation at the Quadside Cafe, and keeping student organizations 
honest and on their feet. The SGA 
E-Board is the student voice for 
the curriculum committee, honor 
board and student finance board. 

Student Life 


Liaisons on Campus 

Faculty and Students Sharing Common 
Academic Interests 

Liaison groups are very active on the Simmons College campus 
throughout the year with fundraising events like penny drives and T-shirt 
sales, as well as educational events like speakers, movies and 
discussion groups. 

Liaisons are not only for the students. Many liaisons have active 
advisers and some faculty participate in liaison activities for fun. With 
the most dedicated students usually partaking in liasions, it is no 
wonder that professors often feel encouraged and proud of their 
participation and experiences in these organizations as advisers. 

The longstanding tradition o 
organized out of class 
communication between 
students and professors is used 
to further education and 
understanding of the subject 

Chemistry Liaison 

The Chemistry Liaison is best 

known for its wonderful ice cream, 

made right before your eyes. This 

group also attempts to share their 

love of chemistry through events 

like Mole Day. 

Student Life 


Pre-Med Club 

Pre-Med Club is a group giving 

students materials necessary to 

suceed in thier goals of becoming 

doctors by engaging in activly 

seeking information on medical 

schools, and asking questions 

about the necessary steps. 


Seiyam Suth 

Biology Liaison 

The Biology Liaison strives to proudly 

represent the Biology community here 

at Simmons College. By participating 

in campus-wide events, the liaison 

promotes networking among both 

current science majors and prominent 

figures within the rich scientific 

resources in and around Boston. 

Art and Music Liaison 

The Art and Music Liaison is 

committed to educating the 

Simmons community about the Art 

and Music that is all around them. 

The liaison hosted gallery talks in the 

Trustman, raised money for the new 

ICA building, and co-hosted the 

Sidelines Gala Event. 

Math/CS Liaison 

The Math/CS Liaison is dedicated to the ecouragement of using 

mathematics and computer science skills in continued learning and 

increasing the applications of classroom knowledge is the real world. 

Bdck Row: Chair of the Math Department, David Browder; Rita Buscher, VP, Christie 
Tingley, Treasurer; Shanriorn Farrell, Secretary; and Margaret Menzin, Advisor, 
Front Row: Mira Blumbert, Jennifer Mushlin, President; and Zainab Al-Subai 

Psychology Liaison 

Closely knit with the Psychology 

Department, this organization consists 

of students within the major or minor 

who usually couple it with education 

to expand on their understanding of 

the world around them. 


This group was specially designed 

for Public Relations majors to join 

a national organization. They help 

student groups with advertising 

campaigns and attend national 

conferences every year. 

■ «T..-l--.:-^-..i.l^^t»-.t^...n--.— IB 

Award- Winning Liaison 

The Economics Liaison is one of the most active 
liaisons on campus in addition to its winning the 
student activities award for best liaison more then five 
time in the past decade. The Economics Liaison is a 
group that facilitates the discussions of current events 
and their economic ramifications. With goals including 
widening the interest of economics and its importance 
to the individual, this Liason bonds Econ majors and 
minors together, while discussing their opinions and 
embracing our interests outside of the classroom. The 
Economics Liaison is also involved with the Economics 
Department Alumae/Student Networking Dinner each 
March. Among their other annual traditions is a T-Shirt 
slogan contest relating to the study of Economics. 
Their continuing goal is to widen the interest of 
Economics and its importance to the individual student 
at Simmons. 

Student Life 



^^1 .r ^^^H 


; night. 
1 11pm 
ng at 

Samantha Scanlon'( 


Minor: Studio Art 

"Tuesday nights are insane; an e 

newspaper gets put together in on« 

Sometimes we are lucky and end c 

and sometiems we end up finish 

Sam! But it is always worth it 

Publications on Campus 

This weekly publication is run by 
Samantha Scanlon and Beth Maclan 
and their team of other undergraduate 
students of Simmons. Its function is to 
serve our community as a source of 
reliable and timely information for 
members of the community as well as 
outside readership. The Simmons 
Voice shall serve as a source of 
reliable and timely information for 
members of the Simmons community 
and as a source of training and 
learning for students interested in any 
aspect of the communication industry. 

"Don't be the first paper to write the 
story; be the best paper to write the 
story." -- S. Stone 

^^^^^W^ 'v "^Iw^SWk 


^K" .,&«^ ''^ ^1 




1 jB^ji 


wL wil/ J^^l 





Simmons Voice 

The Simmons Voice is a weekly newspaper 
that includes articles pertaining to the 
Simmons community and beyond. 

Sidelines Literary Magazine 

The Sidelines Literary Magazine had two great issues in 
2006-07 featuring photography, poetry and prose from 
Simmons undergrads. Edited by Aimee M. Nadow and 
a great team of mostly communications and english majors, 
the magazine gave students a chance to express 
themselves and show their work. Professor Richard 
Wolman advised this talented, tireless group of layout 
designers and editors to provide the best final product for 
the Simmons community. 


Student Life 


Religious Life 

Christian Student Felloship 

This year, the Christian Student Fellowship began an 
informal weekly discussion group on spirituality. The 
first session began with a short film addressing the 
elusive question Where is God when it really hurts? 
The Fellowship also co-hosted a visit by Bradley 
FHathaway, aided by the Campus Activities board. 
The visit by this performance poet was an interactive 
musical poetry experience, as the only Boston stop 
on his national F^appy Fun Tour. 

Simmons Hillel 



(f^f^ i 



New and old Hillel members met and 
socialized at Shabbat dinner during Family 
weekend. FHiliel organized many other 
events throughout the year, including a 
performance from the Ethiopian Israeli Beta 
Dance Troupe, a visit to the Boston Jewish 
Film Festival with discounted tickets, and a 
pre-Chanukah party. 


Muslim Students 

The MSA gives Simmons' Muslim 
population a forum in which to 
share and celebrate their faith and 
traditions. The MSA is dedicated 
to promoting Islamic awareness 
among Simmons students and 
faculty. This years activities 
included a Fast-a-Thon to raise 
money for homeless women, and 
a bake sale to raise money for 
South Asian earthquake victims. 

Aliaa Ghonim often attends the SGA meetings as a representative of the 
MSA. She is an avid Patriots fan and loves art in all forms. Welcome to 
Simmons, Aliaa! 

Student Life 




Whatever groups Simmons Women find themselves in, they are usually found 

enjoying the rewards of events, discussion, learning experiences and 

friendships. The other students one meets in a student organization are many 

times stronger than those made through classes, or even living in the dorms. 

^L y^ 



Wl||k . . 



-ii<~ ^^Hk 

■ i-'" *"*" 


\ ^!|^^^^^^ 



Student Activities 

The glue that holds the Simmons community together is 

without a doubt found in the strength of the organizations 

and clubs at Simmons. From performance groups like 

Chorale and the Simmons Finest Dance Troupe to the 

Feminist Union to FHillel, almost all aspects of a Simmons 

woman's life is covered by the diverse list of student led 

groups. Not only focused on furthering religious, cultural, 

and academic intersts, many group are geared for those 

seeking to engage in community outreach, acting and 

singing, writing, planning events, and having their voice 

heard through Student Government. 



Student Life 

Student Activities 

IA^.« - ^fflR 


- -^Bn^^ 

OLSA Staff 

And Student Acitivity Events 

The staff who help keep the student groups at 

Simmons actively engage with the community are 

beyond wonderful. They are caring, deicated 

and genius at problem solving and mediation. 

However, the best parts about Erin, Michelle, 

Susan and Gillian is not their always open doors 

and minds, but their true enjoyment of the job 

which translates into the succeses they see 

everyday from their hard work. 

Student Life 

Student Activities 


Student Activities 

Clockwise from top: Panel about Sustainability at Simmons 
presented to SGA about divestment from Sudan; Tfie 
Simmons Democrats recruits members at Quadside; members 
of the Women's Center decorate cupcakes for a bakesale; 
Orientation Leaders pose on tfie Simmons Stairs; Amnesty 
International educates about blood diamonds; a member of 
tfie Muslim Students Association bakes in Smith Hall, give- 
aways at a Simmons event in the MCB Lobby. 



H^^Lf ^^^BBm^I 


^ j& 

^^1 '. 


^^^K^^ — r -'i 

^ ^ 

o ^ 



Student Life 

Student Activities 


Every group faces successes and challenges 
but there are far more challeneges 
overcome than not. There are great events 
and great friendships found in every group 
at Simmons. There is almost no limit to the 
creativity the students at Simmons have for 
the ways they can cause positive impact for 
the college. 

mm ^^^ mi tiiiMc liSQH 

Lecxrrx. more am^ 

/ I lill 

Student Life 

Student Activities 


Cookie Bake- Off 

This Simmons Cup event gives students a chance to 
show talents in an arena of competition and fun. With 
all of the residence halls making a chocolate chip 
cookie and a free-style cookie, they are able to express 
creativity and baking skills. In a tradition from the early 
20th century, this event in February 2007 had a large 
turn out with many students excited to win points, 
show their efforts and eat free cookies baked by 
friends, roommates and peers. With Mesick, Dix and 
Smith Halls stealing most of the awards, it was a fun 
night for all, made from scratch. 


Student Life 

Cookie Bake-off 

V ~ I J 2iY and The Vagina Monologues 

The theme of 2007's V-Day performance of Eve Ensler's The Vagina 
Monologues was "Peace". The V-Day group holds this annual event to 
fight violence against women with the hopes of spreading the messgae 
around the world. The show consisted of monologues from the 
perespectives of women in former war zones, transgendered people, rape 
victims, mothers and wives, intended to shock and awe audiences into 
rising against agression, violence and crimes against women. 2007 was 
one of the most successful years for the group, which had three sold out 
perfomances. All profits were donated to charities supporting the cause. 

Student Life 



Feminist Union 
Drag Show 

The Drag Show, sponsored by the Feminist Union, Campus Activities Board, and Drama Club, 
presented Simmons College's most divalicious Kings and Queens! On October 6th, these Kings 
and Oueens strutted their stuff down the catwalk in the Linda K. Paresky Center in front of many 
members of the Simmons, COF, and Boston communities. Only $2 at the door, the funds from 
the event went toward a Simmons student's marathon for cancer research. Not only a fun event to 
watch, but many students discussed transgenered identies after watching the show, spreading 
awareness of this campus issues. 









m >¥ 







■ 1 


mmm>^- ' ^ 

1^ iwR 



Student Life 

"eminist Union Drag Show 


With clever t-shirt designs stating that 
Simmons was "not a girls college with 
no men but a womens' college with 
no boys," these Simmons women 
have discovered how special this 
college truly is. Despite forced triples 
and limited space, Simmons Hall has 
been a first home for thousands of 
women since its construction in 1956 








^k ' 





^H^: "IHB^ 






This year Morse hiall Council and the Res 
Life Staff collaborated to help improve the 
first year experience. From "hiall Tea" to 
various educational programs, Mocktails and 
the hialloween hiall Tea were among the 
successful events that brought the Morse 
hiall community closer. In addition to uniting 
the members of the hall, the events created a 
safety network that the women can rely on 
for their next four years at Simmons. 

Built in 1961, Mesick hiall is 
typically a sophomore and 
junior dormitory. Many 
Simmons students hold a fond 
memory of Mesick as a home 
that served them well. As a 
centrally located dorm, Mesick 
helped complete the "quad" of 
nine brick dormitories and a 
dining hall. It is most 
convenient for students who 
use the infamous "Emmanuel 
cut through route". 


Campus Life 

^^ j^jM i,^ ^- "»„ 


Simmons, Morse, and Mesick 

Arnold Hall 

Even without the Salem trip for Halloween, weekly events and enthusiastic hall 
council Arnold hHall was an eventful dorm to live in for the 2006-2007 school year. 
Composed of sophomores, juniors, seniors and transfer students, this diverse hall has 
a comfortin3 staff and a warm atmosphere. Kitchens on every floor and nightly 
meetings for student organizations in the living room directed our noses to the smell 
of cookies and cooperation throughout the newly renovated dorm. 


Named after Dorothy Dix in 1953, not 
only does Dix hHall have a fun name, 
but it has always been a fun place to 
live. Renovated in 1999, Dix Hall 
students can control the heat and air- 
conditioning in their own rooms. With 
comfortable and cozy living space, 
these Dix scholars, juniors and 
sophomores remain studious, but 
maintain an energetic spirit that has 
helped them become notable 
Simmons Cup competitors. 


Built in 1905, South Hall is Simmons' oldest dormitory with remarkable 
architecture and intricate detail to design. Known as the Health and Wellness 
Dorm, South Hall provides special programming directed at environmental 
friendliness and nutritional education. Students can study distraction free with 
specific rules that are guided towards maintaining a calm enviornment for South 
hall residents. In close proximity to the gym and no elevator, the students can 
certainly live healthy lives in this five story building. _ ^_ w^ 

Campus Life 

Arnold and Dix 

m ' 

Full of four and five-person suites tfiat contain mini-kitchiens, study 
lounges and convenient access to tlie mail room, Smith Hall is 
easily considered a pleasant dorm to live in. With a simple 
elevator trip to the basement, students have easy access to 
performances, movie nights and the annual "Cookie bake-off" that 
are held at the Quadside Cafe. 

With its suite-style living and 
distinct, exclusive balcony, 
Evans hiall has always been the 
most popular dorm, and it is 
usually snagged by seniors on 
the first day of room sign-ups. 

Evans hiall, also known as "The Senior Dorm", is not only home to 
students, but student organizations as well. The main lounge is often 
used by the Sirens accapella group for rehearsals. Evans' meeting 
rooms are full in the evenings with Drama Club rehearsals, BSO 
meetings and groups of students hard at wor 

Built in 1907, North hiall is the only dorm on campus that solely houses graduate students and Dix Scholars. 
Composed of single-person rooms, this renovated hall also contains a computer lab for student use. 

Campus Life 

Smith, Evans, North Halls 

Simmons offers housing at two separate locations on Beacon St., 1025 and 1047, in 

cfiarming brownstones. A Resident Adviser is on site at eacli location to provide 

information, a listening ear, or other assistance, as well as provide programs. There is 

also a Residence Director at 1025 Beacon Street. The properties are very secure and 

Simmons Public Safety Office provides regular patrols. Residents are also able to 

enjoy their full meal plan on the residence and main campuses. 

Amenities include wireless internet throughout the building, free laundry machines in 

the basement, and a first floor living room. Residents are issued two cab vouchers 

each day to assist in travel to and from the main campus in the event of bad weather. 

Both properties are inspected yearly in accordance with Brookline city guidelines. 

ri7' rr s-i-ir 

Photographs from www'. 

One Wentworth dorm, Rodgers Hall, houses Simmons students, cementing the 

close relationship between the Colleges of the Fenway. Rodgers hiall adjoins 

Edwards hiall, and both were built in 1924. Also living at the facility are two 

resident assistants and one residence director who are available to assist students 

and provide programs. Wentworth amenities include computer, recreation, 

multipurpose, and exercise rooms as well as laundry and vending machines. 

Each apartment has a bathroom, ethernet, cable TV, and a galley kitchen. 

Public Safety 

Public Safety Department members are on duty at campus locations 24 hours, seven 

days a week. The staff is here to ensure the safety and security of the members of 

the community. The staff patrol building and grounds, respond to emergencies, and 

provide general services and assistance to the Simmons community. 

Beacon Street, Wentworth and Public Safety 

From the beginning of the semester book rush to the holiday season 
packages and the daily mailing of letters, bills, magazines and 
newspapers, the mailroom staff is on top of it all. After moving 
from Bartol Hall to Smith hiall in 2005, Robin hlolman and the 
other mailroom ladies kept it all under control. 

These familiar faces are found in every hall leading students to better 
their dorm life and partake in activites like RAD, Simmons Cup and 
RA events. They keep students involved and happy in their living 
situations on campus 
and work towards 
a healthy comunity. 

Jeanais Brodie (D), Kristy Krugh (RD), Robert Foote, Emily Catallozzi, Sarah 

Morrow (RD)/ Danielle O'Neill, Shannan Farr, Alice Liao, Rosie Puthiyamadam 

(RD), Shahrin Ahsan, Katie Taglieri, Shavel Loungs, Grace McDonald, Cecile 

Gun (RD), Lilianna Carrasquillo, Nicole Field, France Belizaire, Elena Larson, Kady 

Shea, Jenny Doian, Jess Faulk (AD/RD), Annie Hughes, Kate Souza, Kathleen 

Fitzgerald, MJ Craig, Daina King-Sal! (RD), Rati Fernandez, Kelsey Smith, Alexis 

Brooke Felder, Stephanie Clarke (RD), Kathleen Minihan, Amy Burton, , Jen 

Doebler (AD/RD), Alyssa Noble, Dam Zuber, Danielle Spada, Katie Lynk- 

Wartman (RD), hielida Costa, Liz Edstrom, Olga Monina, and Sam Furbush. 

Danielle Zuber '09 
Education, Psychology 

"I love being an RA because I get to work 

with my peers and help them succeed. The 

time and effort put in with people creates 

great realtionships that I learn from 

over and over again." 

The Office of Residence Life's mission is based on the philosophy that living in residence is 
a valuable and complementary component of each students intellectual and academic college 
experience. The residence life staff lives and works with residents to develop community 
spirit and opportunities for personal and collective enrichment. Simmons believes that the 
residence halls are active living/learning centers that complement the academic programs of 
the College. Students are given opportunities to become involved in their own learning and 
development throughout the year and to come to understand what it means to be a member 
of a community. The Office of Residence Life strives to enhance and enrich the student's 
residential experience by providing services, programming and support through an extensive 
network of student and professional staff. The Office of Residence Life would also like to 
thank Tanya for all her hard work and dedication over the last 8 years and wish her luck; and 
she will be missed next year. 

Campus Life 

Residence Campus 



Above, Danielle Pepin and Isra Ziade met here Just having fun before getting back to work! 
at Simmons and now they are great friends. 
hiere they are seen hanging out in the 
Commuter Student Lounge. 

Left, The regulars in the 
Commuter Student 
Lounge form a very caring 
family. They help each 
other through emotional 
and academic troubles on 
a daily basis. 

The Commuters are 

famous for having a 

good time but they all 

know how to work hard 

to get things done! 

Above, The lovely Isra is holding a hot commuter 

commodity: The Girl Book. Around Winter Break the list 

of ladies waiting to seek The Girl Book's amazing advice ■ 

was ten people long! Compiled by Kaitlyn Davis, there are 

few things more sacred in the Commuter Lounge! 


Campus Life 

Residence Campus 

With the efforts of many ambitious students and 
faculty members, the Commuter Student 
Organization was revived in the Fall of 2006. 
Executive positions were appointed, and a 
member was selected to represent the CSO in 
the Student Government Association. They 
have hosted a variety of holiday and social 
extravaganzas throughout the school year. 

Right, Priti Patel, Tanya Nikolayeva, 

Mellissa Walters, and Kaitlyn Davis pause 

fo a group shot! Aren't they cute! 

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the Commuters came together for a 
Pot Luck feast. Each girl brought a food with significance in 
their culture or family. The recipes are going to be combined 
into a comprehensive book for for the Commuters to enjoy! 










" ^jI^H 










Campus Life 

Residence Campus 


Students make waffles for 
dinner at the Bartol Hall waffle 

Dining in The Fens can be 

crowded but fun. The lunchtime 

rush was a great chance to see 

friends and catch up on school 

work. With healthy options as 

well as the grill and specials 

everyday, The Fens was busy 

every weekday. 

The Fens & Java 


When late to class, coffee and a 

nutrition bar from Java City would 

wake you up so you could make it 

through almost any class. 

Dining Services 

Dining at Bartol started the year off with a bang. A fire early in the year, 

nearly left Simmons without our favorite place to eat. Luckily, there was 

little damage to put an end to Bartol or our other dining options, despite 

Alumnae Hall being put out of commisson. 

On the Main Campus, Java City and The Fens were still old favorites that 

stopped the tummy rumblings between classes. However, it was a 

pleasant surprise to find a new option in our library. The recent addition, 

Meyers Cafe, located on the first floor of Beatley Library, served all fair 

trade coffee products, to help show their understanding of our social 


Bartol also brought in some changes. To accommodate those with dietary 

concerns, Bartol color coded pans and utensils to distinguish which ones 

are used with meat and which dishes were vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

The most exciting change was the new ice cream machine, with toppings 

and whip cream to make the perfect sundae any day of the week. 

The Aramark staff is always friendly and willing to help students and staff, 

and the food is varied enough from day to day to please any palate. 

L Bartol Hall 

With a new look and improved 
options, COF students cannot go 

wrong with a few good meals at 
Bartol, thanks to the Fenway Card. 

Quadside cafe 

After renovation in 2004, 
Quadside's numerous options 
allowed for late night snacks and 
delicious alternatives to Bartol. 


Campus Life 

Dining Services 

It was a nice surprise to see 
many positive changes to 
the dining services as we 
entered the new school 
year. In an effort to create 
a more health conscious 
community dining 
servicesmade healthier 
options more accessible, 
like vegan and vegetarian 

Dining options on campus has added spice to our already 
adventurous experiences at Simmons. 

At Java City and 
Meyers Cafe you 
can get a variety of 
baked goods and 
fresh fruit all day. 

n Quadside Cafe 
two friends catch up 
on old times. 

Campus Life 

Dining Services 



Around the 

Main Campus 


The Academic Center of Simmons 



Campus Life 

Around the MCB 

' J»li ito/'^n iVO^^^^ ^P 




Campus Life 

Around the MCB 


• *■-. "Ik 

^"Z A 

.. .4# 

ri. %' 


V ^ "•-J> 


^v • 


^.■<f Sj. 




^ #;- 


Page 26 



Page 32 

Janelle Pomerleau 


I am very proud of the accomplishments you 
have made in school. You've done very well 
and we wish you all the luck with your nursing 



Dad, Robbie, 

and Jake 

From that amazing toothless 
today, you have always made 
reflected what is in your hear 
heart and smile and make a c 

Remember who loves you th 
Mom, Dad, Christina, & Gr 

Jennifer M. Dear 

"We shall never know all the 

good that a simple smile can 


—Mother Theresa 

smile, to your gorgeous smile, 
us proud. Your smile has always 
t. It's now time to share your 
ifference in this world! 

; most!! 

Anna Dunkelman 

Congratulations, Anna!! 
Love from Mom, Dad, Marc, and Simon 

Kurston Olivia Melton 

We are so proud of your 

evolution- A Simmons graduate, 

A Simmons Woman, A future 



Mom and Dad 


Pomerleau, Dear, Dunkelman, Melton 


Francesca is the 'besta' 
Altho' she is a 'pesta'! 

Francesca is her name 
And we're oh-so-glad she came! 

Francesca Carpino Rouquie 

Deborah Mekon 


You are the "sunshine" of our lives. 
We are proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, and Chris 

Schebania Cherilus 


We want you to know that we are very proud of you 
and what you have accomphshed throughout your 
four years at Simmons. You have always been a 
winner in our hearts and we've never doubted all the 
great things you could do. It seems like just 
yesterday you were graduating from high school and 
now it is college. You've made your entire family 
proud and we are behind you 100%. 
Congratulations Shelby!!!! 

We Love You, 

Mom, Dad, Tabitha, Rubenson and Nevaeh 



Rouquie, Melton, Cherulus 

Margaret Hoban 

Dearest Maggie! You are doing it! 
Graduating from Simmons is but your, 
first step into adultliood, and yet it 
seems that your wisdom has always 
been ancient and deep. We are all so 
proud of you! We look to your future 
with great anticipation for, as Wilson 

'Our horizons are in our minds— the 
wider the mind, the wider the 

Meredith Patricia Hight 

You are a thoughtful, intelhgent, and caring young women. 

We are so proud of you. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Abby, Congratulations, we are 
all really proud of you. 

Love from Mom, Dad, Alex 
and all your friends and family 
in the USA and Europe. 

"The road of life twists 
and turns and no two 
directions are ever the 
same. Yet our lessons 
come from the journey, 
not the destination." 

—Don Williams, Jr. 

quotes (American Novelist and 
Poet, b. 1968) 

Abegail Moore 



Hight, Moore 

Stephanie O'Brien 

You fill out lives with joy! Your smile lights up every 
room you enter. As you graduate from Simmons 
College, you are moving from one phase of your life to 
a new beginning. Prosper with your College degree and 
make the best of everything life has to offer. As an 
educated Woman, do not let anything stand in your 
way of being the absolute best you can be! We love you 
and will always remember how you enjoyed everything 
from the many years of Dance to Dance Team and the 
many school experiences that enriched your life. 
Especially your College experience. 
We are the proudest parents any child could ever have! 
Always know we will be by your side whether in person 
or in spirit. 


Dad, Mom, Melissa & Rocco 





•-*''^J^"^- B 

Elena ]. Larson 



Dearest Elena^ 
Chapter four is now 
complete but the 
remainder of the script 
remains unwritten. We 
wait with eager 
anticipation for the rest of 
the story to be revealed. 

Congratulations on your '^^ 

many achievements at 

Simmons, especially your 

membership in the 

Academy. May your 

Simmons experience pave the way to great 

success and future happiness. 

We are so proud of you! 

Love, love, love you- 
Mom, Dad & Chuck 




Abigail R. S. DeMiUe 



from the very first moment you 

entered our lives, that's what 

you've been. As we watched you 

grow our pride grew too. Seeing 

you meet challenges with true 

courage, determination, and 

persistence, our joy expanded. 

Your wisdom, thoughtful 

kindness, and integrity combine 

to make a truly special person. 

Be proud. 

—Your family 

"Wherever you go, 

go with all your heart. 

Wherever you go, 

we love you dearly." 

Sandy, Mom, and Dad 

Jean M. Connors 


DeMille, Connors 


Samantha Scanlon 

My dear Samantha: 

You did it! Congratulations 
on your success and many 
achievements. You've 
become a wonderful young 
lady and I'm so very proud 
of you! 

Love, Mom 

Zoe Cox 

Remember it's not 
the destination but 
the journey. Hoping 
your life is a very 
happy journey. 

Love Dad. 

Jessica White 

Dream boldly and wait for the magic. Jessica, do 

something you truly love and you will never fail. 

Love, Dad + Mimi 

Stay joyful, happy and inspired in and by life. 
Love, Mom 



Dear Simmons Students, 

Congratulations to the Class of 2007 on graduation! 
The Office of Student Leadership and Activities 
would like to wish you all the best in your future 
endeavors. We hope that you will cherish your time 
at Simmons and leave with great memories. 

To the Classes of 2008, 2009, 2010: we hope that you 
have had a wonderful year! We look fonvard to seeing 
you again in the fall! 


The Office of Student Leadership and Activities: 

Erin OConnor, Director - Michelle Vital Assistant Director 

Susan Chudd, Assistant Director - Gilian Gitchell, Administrative Assistant 


Scanlon, White, Cox, OSLA 

Zoe N. Cox 

This page has been written especially for you Zoe N. Cox on the occasion of your 

graduation in Business Management. 
May 1 9th, 2007-from your family and friends 

Dear Zoe 

On this important day for you at 
your Graduation know we could 
not be more proud of you. Success 
means having the courage, the 
determination and the will to 
become the person you always ' 
believe that you were meant to be. 
To-day you have achieved that 
success. You had the dream and 
now it is time to go forward and 
live your dream. The key to being 
successful is to love the person you 
are and to love what you are doing. 
Good luck with all the future holds 
for you. 

All our love, 
Diane, Daniel, Darren, Dean, 
Ozzie and Dave XX 

Dear Zoe 

Dear Zoe 

You are our only Grandaughter and 
one we could never be more proud 
of. Even though we have been miles 
away from you in England we know 
how hard you have studied to get to 
your graduation day. If anyone 
deserves success and happiness in 
life-it's you. Wishing you all the 
best for the future and all the • 
happiness in the world. 
All our love, 

Nanny and Grandad XX 

Dear Zoe 

Well done Zoe, I knew you could do 

it. You've worked so hard and deserve 

this great achievement on your 

Graduation day. Good luck in the 

future. You are a special friend and a 

really great person. 

Ian XX 
To My Daughter Zoe 

Eternal love and happiness is my wish for you to-day 

Well, there have been a few groundbreaking moments 

that have established their marks on human history but 

we now must put down Zoe's Graduation day as a 

turning point - because you are the next rising star in a/ • it l • l- j 

, , , Y ^ . ^ P , f P You give lite your very best m everythmg you do 

global busmess management... tor you know how to race tvj r iii i t r 

challenges and conquer them quickly, as a matter of fact, ^r < i i r • 

° -11 i-iri I You ve taken on your share or pam 

you come up with the solution beiore they even know a j • l -hi 

\ . 1 1 , ^1 1 1 1- • And risen above It all the same 

they have a problem! 1 hese and many other qualities 

you can call your own will become the most valuable 

As you finally arrive here on your Graduation day 
You give life your very best in everything you do 
No mother could be more proud as I am of you 

When times were hard and things got rough 

^- , , , 1- 1 I You hung on in there and still stayed tough 

assets in any company. You have already accomplished a ^. , j- j i j ji in 

, , , r^ ^ ^ . , , . , , You ve studied hard and have passed all tests 

great deal and you are a graduate with a bright and 

shining future. The world is your oyster, and you will 

be embarking on a fascinating and exciting journey. 

This is truly a memorable day for all of us. 


"Uncle" Ian and Hitomi XX 

Dear Zoe 

Well sweetheart, you did it. And what an 

achievement your Graduation is. We are all so 

proud of you and the way you have worked so hard 

to achieve this. We wish you all the luck in the 

world in whatever you decide to do next. 

Lots of love 

Aunty Linda, Michael, Steven and not forgetting 
Luke. XX 

You deserve nothing but the very best 

As your future begins - never lose sight 

You've done everything good and everything right 

Follow your dreams where ever they take you 

And know that life will never forsake you 

No decision you make will ever be wrong 

You have your "Guardian Angel" to guide you along 

Step out into the world to-day 

And be proud of yourself in so many ways 

Have lots of fun, love and laughter 

As now you begin life's next new chapter 

All my love forever (plus eternity and beyond) 
Your loxing mom XXX 
"Nil Satis Nisi Optimum" - and you are just that. 

Love your pets 

Snowball and Goodison XX 




Cassandra Lusso 

We remember when you were born, how happy 
we were to look into your innocent face, feel your 
chubby little hand wrap around our finger. We 
held you carefully in our arms to protect you. 

Then we watched you grow and venture 
out into life with such enthusiasm and 
wonderment. We treasured everything 
that you did, your first words, your first 
steps, your first everything. We watched 
this with such delight and gratification. 
We tried to be the best parents we could. 
We taught you, we guided you and we 
nurtured you. 

Remember to always embrace your 
dreams. Reach for the stars because the 
world is yours. Know in your heart that 
we are here for you. 

We love you always. 

Mom, Dad and Christopher 

More importantly, we loved you more than 
we could have ever thought possible to love 
someone. In return, you have given us 
such an incredible feeling of pride and 
admiration. You are a wonderful person, 
with a desire and dedication to succeed. 



Dearest Aly 

We are 
proud of you 
and all your 

We know you will 
have great success in 
whatever you choose to do. 

The world is truly your oyster! 

Much love, Mom, Dad and Maddie 

Alyson C. Heimer 


^JJieyy^e^ uDA^tv^^ 

lErin 9l6f (Rose Cfiristie ^nna Jean (Becca (De66ie 
%atfifeen ^mma Vanita "Katie (^enni ^egan "Erin 
QAereditfi Zoe ^eaan Amanda Liz ^Cy 


Extreme Dinner 

We are the Class of 2007: 

We number somewhere over 500. We study nursing, communications, psychology, international relations, arts administration, biology, sociology, physical 
therapy/ modern languages, chemistry, economics, women's studies, management, nutrition, and more. We are commuters, we are Dix Scholars. 

We are residents but we were NEVER tripled. We remember Smith before it was suites. Furthermore, we remember Quadside when it was a 
COMPLETELY ramshackled excuse for an on-campus hang-out (no offense). Because of us on Brookline Avenue, instead of Make way for ducklings, 
its make way for Simmons! 

We've seen at least three versions of the library and can literally study through the blasts of a pile driver. 

We are making a difference in our community. Whether you are an activist, volunteer, service learner, or choosing a career in which you help people we 
are part of the POSITIVE CHANGE. 

We are student leaders! SGA, CAB, BSO, OLA, CCA, ASA, IMSA, MSA, SCO, CSO if you dont know what those stand for, you probably 
didn't sit on our couches. There was The Voice, Microcosm, Sidelines, Sirens, Drama Club, liaisons, class council, hall councils, hiillel. Christian 
Fellowship, chorale, and more! 

We work hard, we play hard! Whether you and your crew are hanging out on campus or tearing up the city, we know how to do it right! 

We are a Womens College with no boys, not a girls school with no men. 

To Whom It May Concern: 

Make room at the top, because SIMMONS COLLEGE CLASS OF 2007 IS COMING! 

Best Wishes! 

Jacqui Lantagne 
President - Class of 2007 



Dear Graduates, 

Congratulations! You are now a Simmons alumna, and are ready to begin the next chapter of your life. I share with you your sense of accomplishment and 

excitement as you leave Simmons and prepare for a future full of promise and possibilities. 

Commencement may feel like the end of your experience at Simmons, but in fact, it is just the opposite. The word commence means to have or make a 

beginning. You have the opportunity to be whatever you wish as you embark on a new beginning. As a Simmons alumna, you are joining the ranks of 

more than 28,000 Simmons women who are determined to build successful careers, have meaningful lives, and make a difference in their families, their 

communities, and the world. Your relationship with the College will expand and change while you chart your lifes course, but you will always be a part of 

our community, and Simmons will always be a part of you. 

Your Simmons experience goes beyond your time on campus, and extends to lifelong learning. I hope that you will join us at events, classes, and use 

Simmonss resources to continue your education. I also ask you to show your continued support for the College by becoming a mentor or sharing your 

time, talents, and resources. In this way, you help to preserve the special experience that you and others before you have cherished so deeply, and keep 

alive the unique and glorious tradition of Simmons women. 

I give you my very best wishes for a happy and rewarding life. Welcome to the Alumnae Association! 

All the best. 

Lorita B. Williams 

Executive Director Alumnae/i Relations 

Simmons College 


Letters to the Senior Class 

A Timeline of the Class of 2007 


October 7, 2003 Gov. Gray Davis recalled, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger elected 

december 12, 2003 Saddam Hussein is captured by U.S. troops in Tekrit, Iraq 

February 1, 2004 Patriots win the Superbowl and Justin Timberlake causes Janet Jackson's 

"wardrobe malfunction" 

April 2004 Simmons student protest in DC for women's reproductive rights 

May 17, 2004 Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage 

May 30, 2004 15th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre 

June 5, 2004 Former President Ronald Reagan dies at age 93 


Summer 2004 Simmons students attend the Democratic National Convention held in Boston 

Fall Semester, Smith FHall, Quadside Cafe renovated, Beatley Library begins construction 

November 4, 2004 President Bush elected to second term 

December 20, 2004 Johnny Damon signs with the Yankees (at 4 years for $52 million) 

December 26, 2004 Tsunami hits Southern Asia 

February 6, 2005 Patriots win the Superbowl for the 3rd time in 4 years 

April 2, 2005 Pope John Paul II dies 

April 19, 2005 Pope Benedict XVI Papacy begins 






July 7, 2005 London bombings 

July 26, 2005 Space shuttle Discovery completes 1st manned NASA mission since Columbia accident 

August 29, 2005 FHurricane Katrina kills hundreds. New Orleans is submerged by flood waters 

January 3, 2006 12 deceased coal miners & 1 survivor discovered in Sago Mine Disaster in West Virginia 

February 10, 2006 Winter Olympics open in Turin, Italy 

April 19, 2006 Han Myeong Sook becomes the first female Prime Minister of South Korea 

April-May 2006 Millions of immigrants & their supporters protest plans to criminalize illegal immigrants 


October 10, 2006 Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion 

November 2 2006 Democratic Party wins control of Senate & House, Donald Rumsfeld resigns 
November 3, 2006 Deval Patrick is elected the first African American governor of Massachusetts 
December 2006 Former President Gerald Ford dies at age 93 
January 1, 2007 Bulgaria and Romania join EU 

January 10, 2007 President Bush announces a plan to send 21,500 additional troops into Iraq 
February 1, 2007 J.K. Rowling announces seventh book in Harry 
Potter series release date 
■^ May 19, 2007 Simmons College Class of 2007 graduates 






Places and Faces Around Campus 

Places and Faces Around Campus 


mm flj'lcB 





^^^I^^^B^^ r .-^l^^^BBB 

Class of 2007 Between Fall 2003 



Remember When 

and Spring 2007 


Memorable Moments 

Students arrived at Simmons knowins that 
they would change, but none of them 
expected to change so much. Some 
joined sports teams, liaisons or started 
new clubs to express their interests. Some 
switched majors five times, made friends 
with girls down the hall or traveled to 
foreign lands. Most celebrated when the 
Red Sox finally won the World Series 
and the Patriots achieved their Super 
Bowl victories. It has been our time at 
Simmons that has shaped who we are 
today and how we will shape the world 
in the future. 

Leadership Driven 

Members of the Class of 2007 
have been incredible leaders who 
have welcomed new students to 
campus, volunteered for local 
organizations and have been 
involved in student activities and 
classroom exercises. 

Intelligent and Friendly j 

There were so many great times 
that the women of the Class of 
2007 experienced together. 
Friendships were strengthen by 
communal activities from 
cramming for finals to seeing Red 
Sox games down the street, to 
dining at Bartol regularly. Every 
student is graduating with stories to 
tell from dorm living or memories 
of professors and "epiphany 
moments" from class. 


Remember When 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hl . ^^^iHHtt^^^k^ ^^^^^B^9BHbBl ^^^*^ ^^^■■'- ^I^^^^^^^^^^Bl; 

i ^ :^-:^ ■-: 

pwF^^^^^ i^^Ih h i^ k ii k J^BDBB^^^^^ • ^/ - - ^ -iR 


Construction We Would Forget 

Something always seemed under 
consrtuction at Simmons. Most 
memorably, the library, the parking 
lot, the 3rd floor confernce center, 
Arnold and Smith Halls, and 
Quadside. While this was 
sometimes a disturbance in our 
daily lives, it was a part of our 
Simmons experience that is easily 
forgotten as the new cafe, the 
Beatley Library and residence halls 
stand out as fabulous additions to 
our campus. 

People We Will Remember 

Just a few of our great faculty members 

Snehal Niak and 
Gillian Gitchell 

Rob Lavendar and Joanna Conroy 



Simmons Memories 

Friendships That Will Last A Lifetime 


Simmons Memories 


Left to Right: Kathleen Fitzgerald, Nora Levy, Danielle Pepin, Katie Poole, Necy Lopes. 

Special Thanks 

The staff of the Simmons Microcosm would like to thank the following people and objects for their 
hard work, assistance and participation in the completion of this book: 

Tom Keeley, Caren Orlick Korin, Brenda Savino, the Office of Student Leadership and Activities, 
Susan Chudd, Louis Michelle Vital, Erin O'Conner, Gilian Gitchell, the Student Government 
Association, Kristen Margeson, the Senior Class Council of 2007, Sheila Murphy, The Simmons 
Voice for sacrificing space, the Simmons Sidelines Literary Magazine and Aimee Nadow, Bob 
White, the Copy Center, coffee, our hIP Laserjet 5100 and all the paper that went through it, 
many digital cameras, the Student Box Office, Kari Fitch and other previous editors, John 
Simmons, Susan Scrimshaw, invaluable colleagues and friends, our families, and W-006a. 

As Editor in Chief I would like to personally thank Samantha Furbush for her hard work, dedication 
and commitment to the book. Additionally my mother and father for encouraging my education and 
enabling my world travels, my sister for making me try harder, my grandfather Ralph and my 
grandmother Phyllis both of whom I miss everyday, my Nana Alice, and my extended family. I 
would also like to thank my friends at Simmons and the two men who have helped me through 
college Ted and Charles because they made me laugh. Lastly, thank you to my professors who 
have inspired me to become an economist, continue my education and travel the world. 

Editorial Staff 

Editor in Chief 

Alyson C. Heimer 

Business Manager 

Samantha Furbush 

Layout Editors 

Rachel Brady 
Kathleen Fitzgerald 
Samatha Furbush 
Alyson C. Heimer 

Copy Editors 

Alyssa Arevelo 
Nora Levy 
Danielle Pepin 

Photograph Editors 

Samatha Furbush 
Alyson C. Heimer 

Zoe Cox 

Kathleen Fitzgerald 
Samatha Furbush 
AJyson C. Heimer 
Rebecca Macijeski 
Katie Poole 


Necy Lopes 

Advertisement Crew 
Rachel Brady 
Samantha Furbush 
Necy Lopes 


Susan Chudd 

First-year, Nora Levy works on the faculty 
photographs, during crunch time. 

Yearbook Staff 

Thanks and Credits 

Alyson Heimer and Samantha Furbush at 
Honors Convocation, taking pictures, meeting 
people, and getting ready for the year. 

Danielle Pepin retelling her experiences 
for the MCC/FYE spread.